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Minor Signs Can Point to Major Problems in Your Home: What You Should Know

Water can be an insidious adversary. Top Dog Professional Handyman Services wants you to know what to look for so minor problems won't become major issues in your home.


Warrenton, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2015 --Top Dog Professional Handyman Services is the premier water leak detection company in Fairfax VA. They have the skills, experience and technology to determine the cause of leaks in your home and make the necessary repairs before any further damage can occur.

According to the American Insurance (AIA), "Water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowners insurance." Accounting for $9.1 billion in property policy losses annually. This is 23 percent of all homeowners', property losses.

One major cause for these numbers being so high is that many times homeowners are not aware of the severity of a leak until there has been a significant amount of damage caused. Homeowners who have their homes investigated for leaks, and proper repairs are made promptly reduce their chances of having major structural damage to their homes.

Some of the signs that you should look for are discoloration of ceilings or walls, bubbling of wallpaper or finished drywall surfaces, uneven settling of the home's foundation, musty odors or signs of mildew growing on interior or exterior walls. All of these can be indicators that you have a significant water problem in your home.

Top Dog Professional Handyman Services
Located in Northern Virginia and owned by Rod Heiston, who has over 27 years of experience in the construction industry, Top Dog Professional Handyman Services is a Class A BLD licensed company that specializes in water leak detection, as well as residential and commercial renovations and repairs.

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