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"Do It Yourself" Ethernet Cable Upgrades Can Be Hazardous

More and more people take it upon themselves to upgrade their home network cabling in an effort to save money. Banner Technologies warns of the dangers involved.


Gainesville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2015 --It's a well-known fact that wired connections are faster and that ethernet cables offer lower latency than wireless connections do. Just as Wi-Fi connections have improved over the years, so too have ethernet cables.

This has always been an incentive for home and small business owners to try to upgrade to the latest technology, but it seems more and more landlords in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. are taking matters into their own hands, trying to bypass cabling contractors in VA, MD and D.C. in an attempt to cut down on costs.

Banner Technologies wants to warn customers of the dangers of having a computer network installation in MD, DC or VA that does not comply with current standards, does not take the property's future purpose into account, isn't an integrative voice and data cabling VA solution, doesn't follow laws currently in place, and doesn't undergo testing.

All these are factors which, in the eyes of this most acclaimed cable installation service provider for telecom companies in VA, may lead not only to questionable network connection quality, but also to potentially dangerous standard infringements.

While it's relatively easy to get hold of cat6 cabling in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., and to start looking online for advice on how to put together DIY installations, the company points out that, all too often, the installation ends up damaging connectivity.

It's not unusual for cabling contractors in DC and the surrounding area to be called in to fix these situations, and unless they do, the much-needed faster speeds for file transfers between computers on the same network will continue to be an intangible dream for these homeowners.

DIY cable installations often involve running cables in parallel with electric wires or close to devices and fixtures, which can lead to magnetic or electrical interference. The voice and data cabling VA pathway must be clear and free from obstructions.

It's also extremely important that homeowners understand and apply the laws that are in place to protect those who undergo cat6 cabling in Virginia, as failure to adhere to these codes could lead to safety issues. PVC-jacketed cabling, for instance, is prohibited in certain spaces. There are also hefty fines involved in failing to follow local codes. So, if you're not working with local cable contractors, make sure you are aware of local ordinances.

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