Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Sweeps Away the Junk After Every Big Event in Washington, DC

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning works in Washington DC to clean the streets after big events, ridding the city of junk and debris in order to keep the area looking its best.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2015 --The election time is here, and politicians are everywhere, organizing events and rallies all over Virginia and Washington. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning is proud to be present to clean up after any event with a combination of services that will have an area spotless after every political rally. We will be there to make sure the area is sparkling clean, leaving it available for the next event or campaign.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning begins with bulk junk moving, meaning any political leftovers are removed. Any signs, temporary stages, boxes of propaganda, and whatever else must be moved away from a site in bulk isn't a problem. With a fleet of flatbeds and dump trucks, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning keeps the nation's Capitol free of junk and clutter.

After the bulk of the trash is removed, the area is cleaned with a service not offered anywhere else in the area - parking lot cleaning. Any blacktop used for a political event is cleaned and left spotless, as if no one had been there. It is important to keep a parking lot clean, as it is the first impression of a building. Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning makes sure the parking lot is left looking better than it did before the rally, and they are the only business in town who provides this service.

They also offer pressure washing services, which adds an extra touch of clean to the area. Atlantic will pressure wash buildings or parking lots, making sure that the rally spot is left as clean as it was when the politician arrived. They will also prepare any building for future rallies by making sure it is sparkling clean before the big event.

A combination of services is important to get a full clean. While Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning offers separate services via a la carte choices, a combination of services works best to keep the Capitol looking its best during this busy time of campaigning and changing America's Chief Officer.

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