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TPC Systems Gives Area Hospitals New Life with Wireless Communications Systems


Milford, Connecticut -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2006 -- Regional technology solutions provider TPC Systems ( continues to gain market share, having just been awarded the contract for installation, training and support of the Vocera Wireless Communications System at Norwalk Hospital. Norwalk is the seventh hospital in the New York–Southern New England area that has chosen TPC Systems over significantly larger multinational providers to deploy and support Vocera (, a breakthrough wireless platform that provides hands-free, voice communication throughout any 802.11b networked building or campus.

“Norwalk Hospital has been providing Norwalk and the surrounding area with high-quality service for over a hundred years,” says Bernadette Rose, project leader, Telecommunications/IT. “We chose TPC as our wireless communication system provider, because, like Norwalk Hospital, it has deep roots in Fairfield County and is dedicated to providing high-quality professional services and customer care. The Vocera Wireless Communications System TPC is installing is going to provide great benefits to our patients and staff. The clinicians will have hands-free devices that will allow them to connect directly with other healthcare providers, eliminating the wait time involved in paging one another. These mobile devices will also be connected to the hospital telephone system so that incoming calls may be directly transferred to the mobile unit—another big time savings.”

Norwalk follows closely on the heels of neighboring Stamford Hospital, where TPC recently completed a large-scale deployment of Vocera.

A regional solution provider with strong ties to the communities and institutions it serves, TPC began life in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1935. Since then TPC grown to be one of the leading providers of communications and safety technologies to healthcare facilities, schools and other businesses in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Unlike many national providers, TPC offers customers a level of service and support that is more reminiscent of 1936 than 2006, when you had a personal relationship with the people you did business with. Indeed, TPC prides itself on being a “high-tech, high-touch” business, with a team of customer care specialists who work pre-sale through installation and training to ensure that customers have the right solutions for their problems and that their people have the training and comfort level they need use to properly use and benefit from the technology.

“Healthcare customers are often at a disadvantage when they buy technology,” explains Kenny Schiff, TPC’s chief technology officer. “They know that technology can help save lives, but finding the money and the time, in the form of training, to support these new technologies can be daunting. Too many vendors just drop ship the technology, get it up and running and then leave. Not TPC. We understand hospitals and we take the time from the very beginning to get to know them,” says Schiff.

“We don’t go away when the implementation is done. Because we are a locally based company, we’re there for the long haul. We’re there to help them change and grow and take advantage of the product. We’re going to be there today, tomorrow, next week, six months from now, because we know that customers need not just the proper tools but the proper training, support and customer care to make their implementation successful.”

Stamford Hospital, which is working with TPC to expand its Vocera system, is a perfect case in point.

“Stamford Hospital’s existing Nortel Companion wireless voice infrastructure had become obsolete, and we needed to find a way to quickly and efficiently deploy a replacement technology that would work with our nurse call and telephony infrastructure,” says Michael Deluca, Stamford Hospital’s director of infrastructure services and security officer. “Because we are in the midst of several other key resource-intensive technology initiatives, there is no way that we could have properly deployed Vocera without TPC’s hands-on help.”

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Milford, Connecticut-based TPC Systems, Inc. is a full-service convergence technology and communication solutions provider, providing integrated systems and professional services to healthcare facilities, schools and businesses. In continuous operation since 1935, TPC prides itself on being a high-tech, high-touch firm. Technology itself is only part of the solution. Exceptional customer care is what gives customers the greatest return on their investments.

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