Prom Themes Return To Romance For 2006


South Whitley, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2006 --Although the world continues to evolve and change and young people go to the hottest trends and latest fashions, there is one high school tradition that remains stronger than ever – the High School Prom.

April 24th is National Prom Day celebrating a tradition that dates back over 80 years. Stumps, a South Whitley Indiana Prom and Party Company, supplied the first memory books to high schools via its catalogs starting in 1926.

Today, Stumps has supplied 8 out of 10 high schools nationally for their Prom decorations, favors and supplies. And, while Proms are more popular than ever, they have evolved to become bigger, more expensive and more dramatic in their presentation.

Schools today are more likely to have their big night outside of the school at hotels, convention centers, botanical gardens, and other more upscale locations while others opt for large boats, zoos or historical museums.

“Prom is always a magical night for America’s teens and it is exciting to see a return to the basics of romance and classic themes” said Jeanice Croy, President of Stumps.

The average school will spend upward of $20,000 on Prom this year and each couple will spend approximately $400 in 2006 on tickets, limos, dinner, flowers and after Prom events. This is a 10% increase from 2001 according to Stumps.

The top themes for Prom 2006 are many of the classics – “Midnight in Paris” (featuring giant Eiffel towers), Tonight, Tonight” – a stars theme, “Red Carpet Affair”, with Hollywood items such as a giant clapboard and “Twilight in Central Park” – a romantic New York City theme.

The top Prom favors for 2006 high school Proms according to Stumps are:
1. Picture frames
2. Key tags
3. Mints
4. Photo Albums
5. Candles

The most popular dates for Prom in 2006 are the weekends of April 29th and May 6th nationwide. Stumps sells over 48,000 items for Proms and parties through its catalogs Stumps, American Prom and Prom Wishes. For more information visit