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Culturepoint Europe Foundation working with Media Movement of European Cultures (MMEC) Group to show the Richness of Cultural Diversity


Amsterdam, The Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2006 -- As the MMEC Group begins its campaign to bring people and organisations in media together to encourage a “colour blind” mentality, The Culturepoint European Foundation – – will run its own projects which will include benefits, cultural shows, educational activities, competitions and research. With its objectives firmly rooted alongside those of the MMEC Group, the Foundation will largely be focused on communicating with academic institutions. Their plans include a competition to design a statue to celebrate the richness of European diversity to present to the European Parliament.

”Our objective is to create ‘another sound’ in Europe” explains the Chairman of the Foundation, Abdelillah Fikri. “We want this sound to be positive and to encourage people to join us as active or as passive members. Being a passive member will mean that you will get information about all the activities of Culturepoint Europe whilst the active member will be invited to participate in the events, shows and bulletins. In the future there will be opportunities to become active members of the Culturepoint Europe Foundation Board and become part of the real decision making process - a real chance to make a difference and to drive the Foundation and its work forward.”

The “Culture meets Culture” Benefit program will be the first showcase and will contain a combination of European music, live performances, radio, TV, professional dance, art, fashion, films, documentaries, political debate and contributions from theatre. Taking place in September 2006, it will last for two days and broadcasting companies will be approached to cover the event.

Culturepoint Europe was developed by a small group of people in The Netherlands, each with differing age, backgrounds, education and roots. Its role is to communicate between academic institutions in order to meet, exchange with, tolerate and respect other cultures therefore banishing fear and negativity whilst working towards a platform of racial harmony and a “colour blind” culture.

For more information, please contact:

Abdelillah Fikri
Chairman of the Board
Tel: 00 31(0)206881370
Fax: 00 31(0)206864825
Mob: 00 31(0)633773946

Culturepoint Europe Foundation
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The Netherlands

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