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New voice software is changing people into space aliens


Middleton, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2006 --Screaming Bee LLC releases Deep Space Voices to market. This add-on provides six new Science Fiction voices to MorphVOX voice-changing software. To better satisfy the needs of online gamers, Screaming Bee is creating voice and sound effects targeted at specific genres. The themed add-ons like Deep Space Voices are meeting the needs of online gamers by providing voices to match their in-game character.

“We’re getting new requests to create specific voices. There’s a real need in these online games to have a voice that can match a player’s character,” explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. “And we’re able to meet this need by creating themed voice packs.”

Deep Space Voices appeals to the Science Fiction enthusiast. It provides six novel voices to help online role-players more easily slip into character. Gamers can choose to be a menacing Cyborg Warrior, a freaky Mutant or a stoic Android. The additional Space Chatter voice allows them to assume the role of a star-faring pilot.

The modular design of MorphVOX makes it easy to customize, whether it’s adding a new voice, sound effect or skin. MorphVOX has a number of free downloadable voice add-ons in a variety of game-related genres such as Fantasy and Science Fiction. In addition, it offers free sound effects packages that can be easily plugged into the application. Also, MorphVOX supports skins, allowing the user to change the look and feel of the entire program.

MorphVOX was specifically designed and developed for online games. It has a number of features that gamers find useful – such as push-to-talk functionality and audio alarms. Online gamers can now sound like the character they play, whether they choose to be an enormous troll or a tiny pixie. They can also broadcast any sound effect with a touch of a button. MorphVOX can be used with all online games and also works well with any chat program.

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