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Emotional Intelligence Certification Training Provides Proven Tools for Developing Individual and Team Effectiveness


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/2/2006 -- Given the increasingly prevalent data that “EQ” skills improve effectiveness, leading organizations are working to integrate emotional intelligence into their learning and organizational development strategies. Innovators like the US Navy, Schlumberger, Federal Express, and Banner Healthcare are turning to the Six Seconds’ Institute for Organizational Performance for proven tools.

Upcoming Certification courses provide internal and external HR and OD professionals, coaches, and educators with a powerful approach to emotional intelligence development. Courses are available in California (July, October), Portugal (September), Italy (October) and Singapore (November). Details are online at

Emotional intelligence is a skill set that allows individuals to forge stronger, better relationships with others by recognizing, understanding and managing emotions. Research has proven that individuals who increase their emotional intelligence (abbreviated “EQ” in contrast to “IQ”) can create more positive outcomes in every aspect of their careers and lives, and that Six Seconds’ unique programs help people learn these skills.

Six Seconds’ approach is unique in the blend of theoretical models and research with engaging experiential activities. Much more substantive than the typical “scripted package,” the training provides a toolset that participants can adopt and adapt to their unique needs. At a recent in-house Certification for Banner Healthcare, the Organizational Development and Leadership team reported their “range of tools for training people in emotional intelligence” increased by an average of 313% through this program, and they rated it 9.88 out of 10 on “the course has real value to my organization.”

Rather than just “talking about” the tools, participants experience them leading to reflection and growth. While other courses provide EQ theory, this certification is focused on teaching people how to develop the skills and competencies through media, experiential learning, dialogue, and self-reflection. As Lee Hays, Assistant Vice President at Americredit put it, “This course gave me a chance to slow down and really pay attention to my own emotional patterns. This will help me as a leader, parent and friend.”

One of the key principles of Six Seconds’ approach is that in order for professionals to provide superior training and strategy based on emotional intelligence, they need to develop their own EQ skills. So a major focus of the training is developing the participant’s own EQ – which creates a powerful learning experience. Perhaps that’s why Jennifer Kennett, Director of Elements Wellness Centre, said this program is “The most meaningful and practical training I have ever attended.”

The course is particularly beneficial for leaders, HR professionals in organizational development, leadership, and learning who see the need to raise self-awareness and interpersonal skills in their employees – and themselves. Many educators, coaches, and counselors also attend these certification trainings to see how to incorporate emotional intelligence into their classrooms, schools, and practices.

The schedule of trainings with details about the course and registration is available online ( In 2006, the 40-hour program will be held in:

• San Francisco Bay Area, California: July 17 to 21 and October 9 to 13
• Ericeria, Portugal: September 11 to 15
• Bologna, Italy (in Italian): October 16-20
• Singapore, November 6 to 10

The EQ Trainer Certification is led by Joshua Freedman, Director of the Institute for Organizational Performance, Dr. Anabel Jensen, President of Six Seconds, and members of the institute’s international faculty. Well known in the emotional intelligence community as pioneers in making EQ practical and accessible, Freedman and Jensen are among a small handful of people who have taught these skills full-time for over a decade. Jensen is a true master teacher, who has taught over 10,000 educators how to bring emotional intelligence into schools.

Freedman is the best-in-class expert for teaching organizations how to put the science of EQ into practice. Peter Salovey, one of the inventors of the science of EQ and Dean at Yale University says Freedman is "a recognized authority on how to teach and learn emotional intelligence, Josh knows how to translate cutting-edge research into applicable tools. His warm and engaging style makes him a favorite among diverse audiences."

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