NewMarket Tech Inc to present Chinese Software Development Outsourcing


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2006 -- They are to offer these services at competitive price, best quality and reliability compared to Indian IT Outsourcing companies. In short they are planning to challenge the Indian IT Industry for overseas service in United States. They are to provide IT Development and maintenance support services offered by their operations in country China. Software Development Outsourcing to China is expected to be a billion dollar IT sector and the Company NewMarket Tech is a leader in this industry in the U.S.

NewMarket commenced operations in China and consequently signed over $20 million in agreements with Chinese Information Technologies and other companies. The Company is now uncompromisingly marketing its Chinese IT Development competences to United States companies. China presents competitive software and support services when it is compared to the services of India. But this assumption seems to be wrong as India is still the market leader in IT industry. India is the country having the wide pool of English speaking talents while China is presently graduating more English speaking software engineers and trying to get good grip on English. India also has a more developed national infrastructure and facilities compare to China. These significant benefits also come at a lower labor rates.

Software Development Outsourcing Services

India is world famous for their Software Development Outsourcing services compared to India. India has better facilities than China has and this is the main reason that lots of MNCs have their presence in India for IT Outsourcing services. As far as NewMarket is concerned it hosts recurring IT trade missions to their country for upraise of local IT talents and professionals. They are putting lots of efforts for their local talents to learn more about the Software Development Outsourcing process and maintenance competences available in their country today.

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