Mother’s Day Marks Clashes and Unfulfilled Dreams


Knoxville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2006 -- Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For millions, Mother’s Day is a happy occasion where Americans celebrate the contributions of all mothers. Children scatter around department stores for that special mother’s gift. Have you considered giving your mother something different? The answer---the ability to care for their families while fulfilling their own personal dreams. Strangely enough, some women have been trying to have it all. This marks the clash. You have mothers who focus on the primary care of their families while delaying their personal dreams. You have the mothers who have dedicated their lives’ to their careers while compromising the stability of their families. In the middle, there are millions of mothers who attempt to do it all out of necessity and attempt to chase the great American Dream.

According to the 2005 Census Report, there are 82.5 million mothers in the United States. There were 10 million single mothers living with children under 18 years old. Working Moms made up 55 percent among mothers with infant children in 2002 and 63 percent among college-educated women with infant children in the labor force. In contrast, there were 5.4 million Stay-at-Home Moms in 2003. Currently, this has produced about 2 million preschoolers in daycare while their mothers are working. Should mothers work? This debate continues to gain momentum as Americans witness the moral fabric being torn apart. Feminists celebrate the liberation of working moms while traditionalists postulate the merits of homebound mothers to institutional stability. Some mothers have tried to maintain a healthy balance of work and family life, but this leaves many “burnt out.” Some Stay-at-Home Moms have attempted to work at home, but many times find themselves the victims of home-business scams. Daryl and Estraletta Green, decision coaches with an engineering background, have researched the matter and offer these mothers another viable option. Daryl, author of My Cup Runneth Over: Setting Goals for Single Parents and Working Couples, explains, “We have seen this trend coming. Faith Popcorn, a futurist, broadcasted this phenomenon at least a decade. People want to stay home where they are both comfortable and safe. Giving mothers a vital business from home provides a very reasonable solution.”

The Greens explain that a home-based business will probably increase a person’s workweek not decrease it. However, the flexibility of a home-based business is attractive to parents with children. Estraletta, an Alabama native and Generation Xer, agrees. She says, “Owning your own

business is tough. You must conduct marketing, contact clients, and do administrative work. While you operate your business, you still have household responsibilities. Time management is critical for success.” The Greens stay abreast of emerging trends that are taking place in the workplace and feel that operating a home-based business from the Internet provides long-term

sustainability. Can you afford not to think about it before it’s too late? You can, however, start to take actions. Below are their Top Ten Emerging Internet Businesses:

* Business Consultant
* Business Network Organizer
* Editorial Service
* E-zine Publisher.
* Expert Referral Service
* Ghostwriting/Copywriting
* Information/Research Broker
* Manual Article Content Service
* Personal Coach
* Webmaster

Daryl explains, “Information is king right now on the Internet. Our top ten business picks represent fulfilling unmet needs for the online communities. The Green’s have gone online with their nationally syndicated column on, the industry leader in website article content. The Greens also recommend reading The Best Home Businesses by Paul and Sarah Edwards. Your mother will enjoy the convenience of working at home where she’s safe and comfortable. This will be one of her memorable gifts this year. It will be a gift that keeps for a lifetime.

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