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Varna, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2006 -- 2003 saw the beginning of what has now become a booming Bulgarian property market. In August of that year, co founder of the Bulgarian Property Centre Ltd, Matt Newell decided to invest in this undiscovered area. An exhaustive global search and assessment of where to purchase property, culminated in several acquisitions in Bulgaria on the Black Sea Coast, in the popular Varna and Bourgas regions. The decision making process was based around the criteria for the best place to gain a decent return on investment with the lowest possible exposure to risk.

“The facts were simple and compelling” Newell explains. “Bulgaria is a pleasant, safe country with a great deal of natural beauty and great potential for investment growth. It offers a stable government and democracy with plans to join the European Union in 2007 which will enhance an already burgeoning Bulgarian infrastructure. As well as this it offers property prices that remain a great deal lower to the rest of Europe in beautiful locations. In a matter of hours you are in areas that offer stunning beaches and affordable skiing. With an excellent climate and friendly locals who are encouraging and sympathetic to foreign investors, investing in Bulgaria is an opportunity waiting to be maximised.”

The Bulgarian Property Centre’s Managing Director Polina Panayotova, agrees: ”There is a growing exodus of UK Nationals who have had enough of over crowding, over taxing and simply having to work their entire lives for very little reward. Let’s face it; they are no longer allowed to leave their children the full legacy of a life time of work. Now they have to give a large chunk of it to the chancellor and that is only going to get worse. Foreign shores with lower taxation and a better standard of living are becoming more attractive with each passing day. Bulgaria is rapidly overtaking Spain as a desirable location for this kind of investment. It’s cheaper and Bulgarian property law is easier to negotiate. There is high potential for a good return within approximately 5 years”.

The Bulgarian Property Center are specialist real estate agents with unparalleled local knowledge of the Bulgarian property market, showcasing property from five star resorts to small rural houses. Those looking for something specific can find a range of properties that fit their criteria here. The company helps investors to take full advantage of the new and exciting opportunities in Bulgaria, enabling them to understand the “yet to be discovered” Bulgarian marketplace. www.bpc-bg.com gives all one needs to know about kick starting property investment in Bulgaria. It includes tailor-made advice and a guide to the easy way to purchase or invest in property in Bulgaria.

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