Contract Wizard Inc.

Real Estate Software Creates Customized Agreements That Guarantee A Profit.

Users Can Also Test Their Creativity and Win Big Money Prizes


Berkeley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2006 --Experienced investors, as well as raw beginners, will benefit from using new real estate software, known as the Contract Wizard. It asks a series of simple questions about what the Buyer or Seller wants to accomplish and then uses the answers to create a customized sample Purchase or Sales contract guaranteed to produce a profit. Users can also submit their best deals using the Contract Wizard and compete for cash prizes expected to exceed $100,000

Developed by real estate investor and author, David Chodack, for Contract Wizard Incorporated, the Contract Wizard is designed to automate the process of writing creative real estate contracts. It automatically inserts all the appropriate clauses for the situation, using separate data bases for Buyers’ and Sellers’ markets, because different market conditions call for different tactics and a different set of clauses. It also explains each clause and its likely effects –including projected closing costs - in plain English, as opposed to legalese. Advanced users can substitute their own clauses for those that come with the program.

“We want people to use the Contract Wizard,” Says David Chodack, its creator. “That’s why Contract Wizard Inc. is putting money from every sale into a special account. expected to reach six figures. Contract Wizard users should submit their most creative deal. A panel of independent experts will choose the top three entries who will split the prize money –Details are available at:$100,000-CHALLENGE/

Key Product Features:

Creates customized Purchase and Sales Contracts, not boiler plate.

Separate clauses for Buyers and Sellers markets

Special profit-making addendums for Buyers and Sellers

Works right out of the box. No books, tapes or seminars needed, even for beginners

All available clauses explained in plain English, along with likely effects and projected closing costs

Custom clauses may be substituted for default clauses automatically produced by the program

Allows users to turn out multiple offers on an assembly line basis, each one unique to the situation, all at the touch of a button

Guaranteed to give users an extra $500 to $5,000 profit or more, on every deal

System Requirements:

Windows 95?Nt compliant

8 Mbs RAM, 486 DX or better

Requires less than 5 Mgs. of hard drive space

Pricing $149 downloaded from the Internet or on disk

Includes lifetime support and free maintenance updates

For evaluation copy:
Download it from:

Contract Wizard Inc. based in Berkeley California and Las Vegas Nevada, has been providing innovative software solutions to the real estate investment community since 1974. Contract Wizard, a privately held corporation, is currently working on other products, in particular, the Property Price Wizard, expected to debut soon

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