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LogoBee Helps LifeSharers with a New Logo Design

LifeSharers Adopts a New Logo in its Efforts to Promote Organ Donation


Montreal, QC, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2006 --LifeSharers, the innovative organ donation network, is sporting a new image these days thanks to a fresh new logo design by LogoBee.com. As the organization has continued to grow and gain members, LifeSharers decided to update its image in order to assist in public relations and press outreach activities.

The shortage of available organs for transplants is a real problem. Over 92,000 people are currently on the waiting list for an organ transplant in the United States, and it’s expected that more than half of these people will never receive one – they will die waiting.

The idea behind LifeSharers is to tackle this shortage head-on by giving people an incentive to become organ donors through its sharing network. By signing up with LifeSharers, members agree to donate their organs when they die. They also agree to make their organs available first to other LifeSharers members before being offering them to non-members. This effectively increases the odds that members will receive a transplant if they ever need one.

While the program provides real incentives for people to sign up, the ultimate goal of LifeSharers is to eliminate the shortage of available organs for transplant.

LifeSharers has been effective in stirring up debate, as their network uses a form of directed donation instead of using traditional public allocation methods. The idea has received both praise and criticism.

“Most of the criticism we are getting these days is mainly that what we’re doing isn’t fair, but I have a real hard time understanding their arguments. To me, giving an organ to someone who won’t donate their own organs is like giving a lottery jackpot to someone who didn’t buy a ticket. It just isn’t fair” said David Undis, founder of LifeSharers.

It is common for non-profit organizations to lag behind the corporate world in terms of image branding and marketing, as they are often lacking in available time and resources required for these activities. LogoBee has come to understand this difficulty, and has started to offer its design expertise to non-profit organizations free of charge on an annual basis.

LifeSharers took advantage of a “Logo Design Makeover Contest” held by LogoBee earlier this year. They were one of ten non-profit organizations to win a design makeover with LogoBee.com.

“We love the logo. We really think it captures the spirit and the intent of what LifeSharers is all about. Now we’ve got our logo all over our website, promotional materials, stationary and business cards. We’re really making good use of it” concluded Undis.

About the Companies:

-LifeSharers is a non-profit network of organ donors staffed by unpaid volunteers. Membership is free and open to all. Visit the LifeSharers web site at http://www.lifesharers.org

David J. Undis, Founder and Executive Director of LifeSharers

-LogoBee is a leading creator of high-quality logo design and corporate identity packages for all types of businesses. Visit their website at

Russell Arsenault, Director of Marketing and PR at LogoBee

-LogoBee’s complete interview with David Undis of LifeSharers can be read at http://www.logobee.com/contact/lifesharers.htm