How Do You Rate Your Writing Skills In The Workplace?


Surfside, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2006 --Have you asked yourself this question lately: “How do I rate my writing skills in the workplace?” Excellent? Good? Bad? Lousy? If you rate your writing skills on the low end, you are not alone. Poor writing runs rampant everywhere, especially in the workplace.

If there’s one important reason why you need to write effectively in the workplace, it is this: the quality of your writing imprints a lasting impression on the reader.

“Writing poorly in the workplace has a negative affect on company sales, communicating with clients, asking for a salary raise or job promotion, or building rapport with co-workers and staff,” according to freelance writer Brian Konradt.

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“When you write properly and effectively, you sound intelligent and make yourself look professional. You can build trust and rapport immediately with the reader,” says Konradt. “This reader may be your boss, a client, or a person who is ready to make a billion dollar business deal with you.”

Writing properly and effectively is easy to master, says Konradt. In his article, “How To Improve Your Lousy Writing Skills In The Workplace,” Mr. Konradt reveals five steps to write better, and helps lousy writers avoid the most common writing faults.

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