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Hurricane Experts Expects Above Average Season-Prepare Now

The hurricane season approaches. Disaster preparedness is critical to protecting your family, home and business.


Margate, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2006 --The forecast is officially in. The National Hurricane Center predicts an above average tropical season with 13-16 named storms, 8-10 hurricanes and 4-6 Category 3 or above hurricanes. This brings fearful anticipation for those still struggling with the hurricanes of last year. Roofs are still damaged, families still displaced, and now a new season approaches. What’s the key to making it through this busy season --early preparation.

Local author Diana Ennen with the help of co-author Patty Gale, has written a terrific resource entitled The Home Office Recovery Plan: Disaster Preparedness for Your Home Business. Although the book is designed for home offices and business contingency planning, the valuable information inside can help anyone preparing for a storm. Their mission is to teach others how to ensure the survival of the home and home-office in the event of an emergency.

In Ennen’s case, this guide has been a lifesaver as a resident of South Florida. Ennen has prepared for eight major hurricanes in the past two years with Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma taking a direct hit on Broward County. One section in particular was of vital importance. The book includes information on keeping track of family and business associates, including college students. Ennen states, “My son goes to college in Gainesville. I had all the information I needed already written down so I can easily contact him in case something would happen in his area or mine. I think all colleges should have something like this.”

Here are vital tips you need to secure your home and business.

• A breakdown of all persons in your family, business, close relatives with complete contact information. We recommend additionally putting this on a 3 x 5 card for your younger children.
• An inventory of all your home furnishings and business furnishings. Also, keep receipts and photos.
• Insurance information. Write down all your policies and coverage. In addition to having this information if you did need to file a claim, it also helps to see if you have enough coverage.
• Business Continuity Plan – Plan ahead for all aspects of your business, including client contact information, back-up procedures, work normally done, etc.
• Medical information. The well being of yourself and family is of utmost importance. You need to write down all your medicines, doctors, medical conditions, etc. This section can literally save your life. Don’t forget to include drug dosages.
• A hurricane/tornado/storm preparation guide. And everything on that list should be bought in advance.

Gale also knows the importance of this book having lived in New York after 9/11 and had the task of preparing a similar guideline for a company she was working with at the time. Both know the importance in ensuring your business will withstand whatever this hurricane or any disaster (including a theft in the office or fire) has to offer.

For information on preparing your home, stop by Prepare now for peace of mind and the safety of your family and business.