eBay Listings Sometimes Incorrect - Now Easy To Find

Website Owner Demonstrates: eBay has incorrect search listings; users find alternative search tool


Coram, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2006 --America’s eBay users list a product they wish to sell. However, occasionally there is a spelling error in the ad and as a result the eBay search engine will not be able to locate these items. This is because the current technology used by eBay does not take common misspellings into account during the search. owner and founder Mikel Beck noticed this, and recognized it as potentially problematic scenario for both buyers and sellers, and as a result decided to create a search engine which could find items listed with common misspellings in their titles. According to Mr. Beck his website is “one of only a handful of other sites that do this.”

Although there are other similar websites, sets itself apart through its ability to use eBay’s Application Programming Interface to work directly with eBay’s database, retrieving data in XML format and displaying it on the site. This allows the search engine to pull in the data as opposed to its competitors which interact and link to eBay directly. Beck choose to found the site because he “saw a niche and decided to go for it.”

Although so far the website looks promising, it is just one of several projects for Beck, who is the owner of Elite Computing Services (ECS) which has been in business since 1997. The company also has a division that provides Web hosting at and is also a full service computer consulting company. ECS has also built a variety of other websites besides, including and

The search engine allows the consumer to search for what they want, and contains a database of nearly one million misspelled words. Despite being new on the scene, the is already making headway with consumers. Eighteen year old Barbara Johnson, who uses eBay frequently for discount designer clothing products, said of the website, “I was surprised by how easy to use and efficient is. I have tried other websites of this nature and provides much better search results in a format that is easy to use.” was founded in early 2006 to allow users to enter a word in its database, find those common misspelled words, and then search eBay for those keywords for the user. The website also offers a wide range of articles about buying and selling on eBay, and displays the list of both the top ten and last ten searches.

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