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Increased Performance for Small Business Servers

Many businesses, especially SME with up to 75 users on a network use the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. It is a frequently overlooked fact that hard disks loose performance over time due to fragmentation. ‘mst Defrag SBS Edition’ stops and corrects fragmentation of hard disks in business networks.


Berlin, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2006 --In a growing number of companies with up to 75 PC work stations is Windows Small Business Server the heart of the network. This type of network configuration assigns a large share of the processing requests to the server, creating a bottle neck when server looses performance. This is fatal for the IT infrastructure, as it slows every request for any file stored on the server. Growing fragmentation of the server’s hard disk causes a critical loss in performance.

No need to accept underperformance
Sven Klanowski of ‘mst software GmbH’ states: "No SME needs to accept sub-standard performance of a network server. Time is money and money is always in short supply: mst Defrag SBS Edition is a specialist solution to put files back together and re-establish file continuity on the server. Defragmenting noticeably improves the system speed."

mst’s award winning software developments use unique, proactive technology to defragment files as a background process, without slowing down or risking processes running on the server in parallel. Sven Klanowski: "This process uses unique mst technology. Defragmenting takes place automatically and does not require user or administrator intervention. Even the performance of older and less equipped systems will return to their peak."

The main features of ‘mst Defrag SBS Edition’:
- world’s first pro-active defragmentation solution
- Maximum system performance
- The SBS software uses the same technology as the ‘mst Defrag Server Edition’
- No limit on the size or number of hard disk drives
- Integrated network administration
- Includes Server Enhanced Architecture
- Supports roll-out using the MS Active Directory Services, MS Systems Management Server and others.
- Optimal system start through consideration of the Layout.ini
- Integrated mst I/O-Guard for resource-saving defragmentation

Free trial version available online
The ‘mst Defrag SBS Edition’ comes at an SME-friendly price. The application is available as a download for $49 (€49.- inc. VAT in Europe). The developer mst software also offers two bundles, freeing not only the server, but also the workstations connected from fragmentation with the mst Defrag Workstation Edition. The (SBS+25)-bundle offer includes apart from the ‘mst Defrag SBS Edition’ license also a license for up to 25 mst Defrag Workstations at a reduced price of $299 (€299 inc. VAT in Europe). The (SBS+50)-bundle sales online for $499 (€499 inc. VAT in Europe).

‘mst software’ provides the convenience of a “test before you buy”. A free 15 days trial version is available online, which can be installed on a system to test the effectiveness of defragmentation on a Small Business Server.

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