4PSA VoipNow, the VoIP Control Panel Is Available

4PSA VoipNow is the first VoIP control panel for HSP and ISP designed for Linux operating systems is ready for public release after four weeks of beta testing.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2006 --4PSA VoipNow, the first VoIP control panel for Hosting Service Providers and Internet Service Providers is ready for public release after four weeks of beta testing, announced Rack-Soft, the server software provider.

4PSA VoipNow is a telephony software solution designed for Linux operating systems, which allows small and medium HSP (Hosting Service Providers) and ISP (Internet Service Providers) to penetrate new markets and take advantage of new opportunities. Business and residential customers can be targeted with new, cost effective, value added communication services.

The software can be installed in less than ten minutes and it is managed over a platform independent browser interface. The four administration levels (administrator, reseller, client, and phone extension) provide deployment flexibility. The multi-layered management model follows a proven successful reselling pattern, familiar to the web hosting world.

The first 4PSA VoipNow release provides advanced telephony features like call routing, call queues, dynamic conferencing, voicemail, call recording, call transfers, call waiting, call cascading, call forwarding, call filtering etc. The product implements the telephony functions using Asterisk, the leading Open Source software PBX solution.

More than 350 companies tested the beta version of the software, many of them providing valuable feedback to Rack-Soft. “During the testing session, we received many more emails than we expected. Even though only a few emails contained bug reports, people were eager to send us their impressions. To our team, these messages have been the best reward. We really appreciate the efforts made to test the new solution and the time spent to comment upon it. 4PSA VoipNow is on a strong development path, according to our established roadmaps and based on customer feedback.”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA VoipNow Chief Architect.

With 4PSA VoipNow, providers can address particular customer needs without sacrificing standardization or profitability. Compared to hardware PBX systems, the Rack-Soft solution scales better with the business, can embrace new technologies, and it is in permanent evolution. This guarantees that clients do not invest in technologies that will soon become obsolete. With 4PSA VoipNow the companies’ investments in expensive telecommunication hardware are greatly reduced.

“Companies that tested the beta version highly appreciated the real-time call routing engine, the innovative billing model, the software usability, the proactive monitoring services, and the product integration with the operating system. It is very hard to decide which feature was most appreciated. Some people tested routing first because it was very important for their business, while for others the billing options had precedence. We had participants that even tested the product on real customers to see how they react. Due to such various tests I can describe the beta session as a success”, added Mr. Carstoiu.

The product is available now with prices starting at 299USD. More information on 4PSA VoipNow can be found at www.4psa.com/products/voipnow/index.php. To get a better view on the product features and interface, do not hesitate to check the 4PSA VoipNow Online Demo at http://www.4psa.com/products/voipnow/demo.php.

About Rack-Soft

Rack-Soft is an established developer and integrator of software solutions for the server market. These solutions are used by ISP, HSP, small and medium businesses. Rack-Soft products simplify server management, Data Center administration, and voice communications.

The company’s explosive success is based on excellence, innovation, and a strong determination to improve processes. Rack-Soft implements CMM (Capability Maturity Model) in order to maximize software reliability.

For more information on Rack-Soft products and services, please visit www.4psa.com. If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please send an email to press@4psa.com.