FOREX Business School Will Enhance Currency Trade Education Options

FOREXBusinessSchool.com Will Launch Independent Currency Trade Education and Training Program to Facilitate Increased Trader Success.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2006 --FOREXBusinessSchool.com combines professional teaching, training program development, and investment advisory experience to offer a unique online educational program for the currency trade.

Senior staff of Learn2Know, owner of FOREXBusinessSchool.com, researched over 500 existing currency trader training programs and determined that there was a need for an independent source to provide FOREX training. The FOREXBusinessSchool.com program is being developed by college educators who are experienced investment and finance professionals. This educator advantage does not exist with currency trader training programs that are affiliated with dealers and brokerage houses.

Most FOREX traders lose money due to lack of properly developed, unbiased, education and training programs. The FOREXBusinessSchool.com model is aimed at increasing the trading success rate of beginner and intermediate level FOREX traders.

Leonard Cox, a 20-year computer technology professor and experienced financial advisor, was selected to lead the development of the FOREXBusinessSchool.com online education and training program for currency traders. Professor Cox: “It is an honor to have been asked to participate in this amazing endeavor. We will undoubtedly make FOREXBusinessSchool.com the very best online training source for people interested in, or involved with, online currency trading.”

Dr. Yukishiro Enishi, a Japanese investment banker and college classmate of Professor Cox, had the privilege of previewing drafts of the FOREXBusinessSchool.com curriculum. He comments, “I am totally impressed with what Leonard has done for FOREXBusinessSchool.com to add value to the educational resources available for currency trading professionals. He is probably among the best training and education program developers in the world.”

Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Learn2Know, says "Most currency trader, or FOREX, training offers are provided by brokers, or associates, who have the primary goal of getting people to trade quickly. They make money even when (not if) the trader loses money. This so-called training typically consists of a few brief pages of overviews glorifying the online currency trading business and implying opportunities for great success; while at the same time enticing the potential trader to open a free, or simulated, trading account. Unfortunately, the traders who fall for these (online boiler room) tactics are the ones who lose money everyday; and, statistics indicate that most new traders, often due to greed, fall victim.”

The focus of the online currency trader training at FOREXBusinessSchool.com is more educational in nature. Statistics from central banks around the world indicate that fiscal and monetary policy makers of the most developed nations have educational backgrounds that include advanced degrees in economics (primarily international trade). These are the people who have a great influence on currency exchange markets worldwide. It is almost common sense for anyone expecting to reap benefits from FOREX trading to first prepare with a solid academic program. Even before attempting to simulate, or practice, currency trading, it is advisable to seek FOREX education that is not connected with a brokerage service.

We believe that anyone interested in really being successful at day trading the FOREX markets needs to understand, and accept, that currency trading is a profession. And, any profession that has the potential of making you thousands of dollars a day requires solid academic preparation. Most of the ninety percent (90%), or more, individual currency traders who lose money every day have not taken the proper time, and made the investment, to acquire the necessary knowledgebase that will facilitate more successful, and profitable, FOREX trading. The FOREXBusinessSchool.com educational program is designed to provide that necessary foundation level academic experience that will increase a trader’s success rate.

According to Sarah Eisner, a consultant on the FOREXBusinessSchool.com project, “This educational program is designed utilizing the most advanced e-learning instructional techniques. The currency trading learning goals of FOREXBusinessSchool.com are clearly defined and supported with lots of supplemental materials, resources, assessment quizzes, numerous tables and graphs, and college level testing modules. This online learning experience will prepare traders to be winners.”

There is no longer a need for brokers and dealers to pretend to offer currency trader, or FOREX, training to unsuspecting prospects. FOREXBusinessSchool.com provides a formalized educational experience that facilitates the development of successful currency trading tactics and strategies.