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Mandala Notebook 1.1 Sets New Standard for UIQ Productivity Applications


Heidelberg, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2006 --Mandala IT today announced the launch of Mandala Notebook 1.1, an integrated productivity application for UIQ phones (P910/P900/P800), which now features an improved user interface, free content, and encryption. In addition to providing a standard free trial, the company now provides free support for users evaluating the trial version. To promote the launch, Mandala Notebook is being sold at a 70% discount until 7th June.

"We believe that smartphones will soon become the main computing device for many people." says Dr. Sean O'Donoghue, CEO of Mandala IT. "So we built a smartphone application powerful enough to let users capture and manage all their ideas and plans, and to exchange key data with their PCs."

Mandala Notebook is an outliner that works similarly to outline mode in Word, and also to Windows Explorer. Items can be easily rearranged using drag & drop, folders, and shortcuts. Mandala Notebook can also import from, and export to, Word/RTF format - currently, however, without figures or formatting. Items in Mandala can also be linked to tasks or appointments on the phone and synchronized with Outlook.

Mandala Notebook is very versatile and can easily manage literally thousands of items. It can be used to manage projects, plans, ideas, journals, and reference information, or to implement 'getting things done' or 'lifehack' approaches.

Since Mandala Notebook 1.0 was launched in late 2005, it has been downloaded over 6,000 times and has received lavish praise from users. "Many customers reported that Mandala quickly became their most frequently used application" says Dr. O'Donoghue. Richard Bloor, co-founder of, describes Mandala Notebook as "powerful & easy to use" and predicts that "Mandala is likely to become any user's indispensable tool".

However, some users reported that parts of the user interface were not very intuitive. These issues have now been addressed in the new version.

The company now offers free support to users when they evaluate the trial version. "Evaluating a new application takes valuable time and can be frustrating." says Dr. O'Donoghue. "We want to make this easier and we are confident that those who invest the time in Mandala Notebook will have their effort amply rewarded."

The new encryption feature allows sensitive data - such as Word documents or PIN numbers - to be stored in the same, integrated system as normal data.

Pricing & Availability. A free trial version of Mandala Notebook is available at Mandala Notebook normally costs $29.95 and the Encryption Add-on costs $9.95. To promote the launch, Mandala IT is offering a substantial discount until 7th June, selling Mandala Notebook for $8.98 (for a 70% discount, promotion code 6BE4A476) and the Encryption Add-on for $7.96 (for a 20% discount, promotion code 58143C99).

Mandala IT, based in Heidelberg, Germany, is committed to helping people improve their personal productivity by providing easy-to-use smartphone applications that deliver real value. For further information, please visit