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Say More and Type Less with PhraseExpress – Freeware Eliminates Repetitive Typing

Say more and type less with PhraseExpress – Freeware eliminates repetitive typing


Trier, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2006 --Trier, Germany - Bartels Media, Inc. has released PhraseExpress v3, a major upgrade to the popular office productivity software.

PhraseExpress organizes frequently used phrases and allows pasting them into any application. Text phrases can be easily accessed with a single mouse click from a taskbar pop-up menu or by using hotkeys.

The new Autotext function automatically expands short keywords into full phrases, e.g. entering "kr" would automatically turn into "Kind regards" while the user is typing. This feature as known from MS Office now works in any Windows application and not just in Word or Outlook.

"Those who do any repetitive typing will immediately recognize the benefit of PhraseExpress. Support or sales staff considerably shorten their response time by using letter templates for frequently asked questions. Using boilerplate texts also enable companies to maintain a consistent communication policy." said Gunnar Bartels, general manager of Bartels Media.

PhraseExpress is useful for any number of professions, such as legal, medical, real estate, or even software development to end up typing any text more than once or twice. The built-in productivity meter can calculate the time saved by PhraseExpress accurately.

Powerful macro functions allow adding date/time stamps in different formats or customizable counters into a phrase. Manual text input can be added when pasting a phrase to enable the user to enter dynamic data to boiler plate texts. A template system enables users to share common signatures and standard letter templates for multiple phrases.

"Widely acclaimed for its simplicity of use, the new version 3 is now even easier to use. Any menu command which may alter data or access the configuration can be optionally removed to eliminate the slightest risk of data loss" Gunnar Bartels continued.

PhraseExpress is free for personal, non-commercial use. It runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP and can be downloaded from The Pro Edition costs US$19.95. The separate Network Edition with its PhraseExpress Server allows sharing common phrases with multiple users in a network. All user settings and read/write access can be centrally managed.