Assistants At Their Best

Assistants At Their Best Reach Out to Assist Bankruptcy Attorneys

VA company offers services to Bankruptcy Attorneys


Springfield, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2006 --The virtual assistant business has grown significantly over the last year. With the newly inaugurated International Virtual Assistants Day, held on May 19 and originally proposed by the online advocacy group, Alliance for Virtual Businesses, Virtual Assistants are quickly being recognized as entrepreneurs, business owners and trailblazers.

Assistants At Their Best are helping attorneys make their goals of streamlining in a cost efficient manner a reality. With a team of just three, they have a combined total of 57 years of administrative experience that spans different areas as human resources, legal secretarial assistance, bookkeeping, reminder services, and transaction coordination to name just a few.

Jacqueline Clark, one of the founders and owners of Assistants At Their Best, said, “I love having the opportunity to come in contact with so many different people each day. All with different backgrounds, different jobs, but what is amazing is that they all have the same goal….they all want to be more productive and still have normal lives. No one wants to work 60 hours a week. That’s why we are here. We take that extra load off. We give the attorney breathing room to focus on what is really important, their success and their clients.”

Assistants At Their Best understands the situation of bankruptcy attorneys and realizes that their issues of time management must be addressed as it directly affects the attorneys’ clients. The company offers their services of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistance not only to individual attorneys, but entire firms as well.

It has been proven that attorneys have better success once they obtain an assistant to handle the drafting of bankruptcy petitions and motions. Many can improve their client relations by leaps and bounds because they are able to focus more on their clients instead of paper chasing.

Assistants At Their Best has provided great explanation as to how they are able to assist bankruptcy attorneys. This explanation can be found on their Web site.

“We take great pride in what we do. It’s nice to know that you’re helping someone reach their goals,” said Valerie Eubanks, founder and co-owner. “We’re only as successful as our partners. Therefore, we give 200 percent every day,” added Marcia Foster, founder and co-owner.

To find out more about Assistants At Their Best and the services they offer, contact Jacqueline Clark .