World Cup Soccer: Who to Cheer For When You Don’t Care?

Would you watch a game if you were paid? A true test of loyalty!


Vancouver, BC, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2006 --VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA – It’s no wonder why the World Cup of soccer is largely ignored in North America, the average person simply doesn’t pay attention. But have you ever considered being paid to sit down and watch a game? The website hireafan.com allows you to do just that. A Canadian has found a market of people willing to pay to have an extra fan root for their country. According to hireafan.com owner Jeff Bowser, there are people that are willing to part with a little extra cash to see a non-soccer fan cheer for their country.

Hireafan.com was set up after Canadian owner Jeff Bowser had no country to support during the world cup. He auctioned off his loyalty on Ebay and generated quite the stir in the local market. True soccer fans were outraged at the fact that Jeff was willing to sell his support, but the average North American found the idea interesting and unique. Once his support was secured by co-workers for Serbia, it was discovered that Jeff wasn’t the only person with no country to support.

Enter Hireafan.com a website that secures sponsors for a particular game. A sponsor pays a fee and will be matched with a ‘Fan’ that has no formal allegiances. In return for their investment sponsors will receive pride, proof, and advertising. A photo and game summary from their fan within 24 hours of the games completion, and the sponsor receives a link on the sponsors page on hireafan.com. Multiple game purchases will upgrade the sponsor to a logo.

Bowser has plans for hireafan.com once the World Cup concludes, but for the next month it will be soley dedicated to world cup fans.

If you would like more information regarding this news release, or would like to schedule an interview, please contact Jeff Bowser at 604-562-4164, or email jeff@hireafan.com