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A-Z Organizing Offers A Thorough Hurricane Evacuation List


Houston, Tx -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2006 --A-Z Organizing has compiled a great hurricane evacuation list that anyone near a hurricane prone area needs. It contains information on what you should have ready to go at any time and a list of other items you'll need.

Susan Wade, the owner of A-Z Organizing, says, "Be ready for mother nature, she doesn't call ahead!" Being prepared for an emergency evacuation will save you a lot of valuable time and unnecessary stress!

The list below was created by Wade, a Professional Organizer in Houston, Texas, during the Hurricane Rita evacuation. After Hurricane Katrina hit, the 2.75 million Texas and Louisiana area residents evacuated the Gulf Coast without hesitation for Rita. This list can be personalized as you need.

These items need to be ready to go at all times and enclosed in a waterproof bag:

important papers: social security cards, birth and marriage, certificates, deeds, homeowners/insurance policies, address book, and wills
copies of: credit cards, bank and investment info, diplomas, professional credentials

Other things you'll need to bring and do:

refill prescriptions
medications/first aid kit
extra glasses, contacts, hearing aids
fill car with gas (along with extra 5 gallon container)
state map
water (2 gallons for each person)
non-perishable food
can opener
toilet paper roll
small throw (to hang in the window for protection from the sun)
sentimental items (remember family heirlooms, special jewelry, baby books, family photo album)
battery operated radio with extra batteries
sleeping bags or blankets
flashlight with extra batteries
special items for infants, elderly, or disabled
solar blanket
computer back up
activities for children (handheld games, cd players, coloring
books, reading books, extra batteries)
extra clothes
permanent marker

After you've left the area safely, put your children's name and a relative's phone number on the inside of their shoes.

You can find other packing lists and helpful organizing tips at www.a-zorganizing.com.