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WebAsyst Offers Contact Manager License for Free


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2006 --WebAsyst LLC today announced that the company will offer a free license to its popular Contact Manager application. The software previously retailed for $190.

Contact Manager was withdrawn from the market last month when WebAsyst released a major upgrade and restructuring of its products. The changes, which underscored the company’s commitment to excellence in collaborative software, integrated Contact Manager into the WebAsyst kernel, transforming the suite of applications into a contact-centric model. As always, existing customers received free upgrades.

Asked about WebAsyst’s decision to make the improved Contact Manager available by free license, Vladimir N. Tuporshin, Managing Director replied: Contact Manager has been a very popular stand-alone application for us, but now it is completely integrated into our collaborative product model. We are happy to share our success, and offering a free license to Contact Manager is a logical step for us.”

Since its inception, WebAsyst has offered free trial versions of its products. To sign up, go to https://www.webasyst.net/freesignup.php.

“Of course,” Mr. Tuporshin continued, “we hope the new customers will like Contact Manager so much that they will try our other products.”

For more information and a free trial of WebAsyst products, please visit www.WebAsyst.net.

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