Bookmark Self Publishing

Massive Book Publishing Growth Predicted

The new-age of book publishing has arrived and people are flocking to it to become authors and published experts through this re-invented medium.


Victoria, BC, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2006 --Within 20 years, 50% of the population will be “published authors” predicts Colin Knecht co-owner of the BookMark Self Publishing

Imagine having the ability to publish a small (or large) number of books at a very reasonable price, quickly, easily, and with the guiding hand of experts, that is the basis of the BookMark Self Publishing. This full service publishing business understands that many people who have the ability and knowledge to write books, do not necessarily have the contacts or expertise to actually have their works published. Many of the elements that go into making a good book involve expertise of other people like editors to review the manuscript, artists to illustrate the book or make the cover, technicians to convert the text into print-ready files, and much more. It was this understanding that prompted the beginnings of BookMark Self Publishing, a division of E-State Media Group.

Paul Dalcanale, co-owner of the business explained “We saw this need in the community for a publishing company that could not only offer all the services an author might need, but also to help guide the authors through the process”. Dalcanale went on to say “Many elements of society have come together at this time to make self publishing possible. Most people have home computers to write their books on, the industry has created high-speed digital printers and the Internet means all of these things can communicate … and we know how to make it all happen for a rewarding experience for our clients.”

BookMark Self Publishing is planning phase two of the publishing venture by opening a new book-marketing, sales, promotion and distribution division around mid 2006. This new division will help support the marketing and promotion of books published through BookMark Self Publishing, as well as other approved media ventures.