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Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2006 --“Dreams offer little collateral.” So said the great entrepreneur Walt Disney, who was no stranger to the challenges of finding ways to finance those dreams. He was describing the difficult environment in which small businesses today find themselves: little capital and a lot of risk.

You have the dream, you have the energy and you have the commitment, but now what? How do you find the capital to turn those dreams into reality? Where can you find the money you need to get your business up and running? How do you determine the best type of loan for your venture and how do you go about getting it? A new resource at http://www.EvanCarmichael.com/Small-Business-Loans/ is here to help you!

By putting you in touch with experts in the area of small business loans, this site will help quell your fears and answer all the questions you may have, including:

1. What are the different types of small business loans?
2. Which type of small business loan should I apply for?
3. How do I write a sound small business loan proposal?
4. What do I have to offer as collateral?
5. How do I create a realistic estimate for how much I need?
6. How do banks make their decisions?
7. How do I choose the right bank to apply to?
8. How long does the loan application process take?
9. What are my chances of receiving a loan?
10. What can I do if I am turned down?

The experts at http://www.EvanCarmichael.com/Small-Business-Loans/ are at your disposal. Their combined years of tried, tested and true strategies will help you get your business idea off the paper and onto the streets. Visit the site today to stop talking about your dreams and start living them!

Evan is an entrepreneur and international speaker. At the age of 19, he became an owner and Chief Operating Officer in Redasoft, a biotechnology software company. The company quickly grew to over 300 organizations as clients, including NASA and Johnson & Johnson, in 30 countries. He started Evan Carmichael & Associates with the goal to give entrepreneurs the inspiration to follow their passion and the strategies they need to succeed. Evan has delivered over 100 keynote presentations to entrepreneurs in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has been interviewed by newspapers, radio stations, and television stations including CHUM FM, CityTV, Global TV, OMNI TV, Enterprise, and the Toronto Sun. Evan's website, http://www.evancarmichael.com/ is the world's #1 website for small business inspiration and strategies.