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Second Chances Comes Alive with New Book by Dorothy Lyons

Often times we are in need of a second chance to redo things we regret. This Christian Book takes you inside a story of love, compassion, God's grace, and second changes.


Tampa Bay, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2006 --Have you ever wished you could go back and make a different choice at a particular time in your life? Are you struggling with some wrong choices you’ve made, that you feel can never be forgiven. Don’t feel alone. We all know we can’t physically go back in time, however, we do get a second chance to make things better. That’s the premise of the inspirational book, Carrie, by author Dorothy Lyons.

Carrie: Season of A Second Chance is a true story written as a tribute to her own mother. Carrie provides a look at the home of an alcoholic father and husband and the challenges that can bring. It clearly demonstrates a love between a man and woman that time and distance cannot fade. Most importantly, it reassures us of God's faithfulness, even in times when we are not faithful to Him.

With the challenging times we often face, this book focuses on three fundamental basics:

1. God’s Love and reveals that all is not lost when we make mistakes. That God still is aware of us and loves us.

2. Women who have alcoholic husbands realize they are not alone in their suffering and that it is not their fault. They do not have to feel guilty of the life they lead. Reading the book helps to provide hope and encouragement.

3. Hope. Those who have lost hope in any area of their lives see that they are important to God and do have a second chance to live a life of contentment and even happiness in spite of their failures and wrong choices.

Lyons states, "In the life of one woman God chose to give an example of His faithfulness in spite of our failures.” It is first love, family ties and commitment in hard circumstances all rolled into one easily readable book.

Carrie-Season of A Second Chance (ISBN#1-59781-237-4) is available online at Amazon and other leading bookstores as well as the publisher’s website,

Looking for a second chance or know of someone who does, then this book is for you. Hope and a better life are redeemed in this book and no matter what your circumstance, it helps reinforce that the same can happen for you.

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