Pure Water from the Air We Breathe

MyMarineToys is pleased to announce it has obtained the exclusive rights to distribute the AquaMaker AM10 to the Marine Industry Nationwide.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2006 --MyMarineToys has obtained the exclusive marine rights to distribute all AquaMaker products nationwide. These new systems begin a line of purification systems never seen before in the marine water purification industry. Simply put, these systems de-humidify the air and take the water produced by this process and purify it then put it in a unique hot or cold water holding tank. These four water purification systems produce between 10 and 1323 gallons per day from the air we breathe. The AquaMaker produces no waste water, helps clean the air and does not contaminate the environment like reverse osmosis, desalination or distillation can.

The AquaMaker AM10 pictured here, the units are on wheels and produce 10 gallons of water per day and is about the size of a standard water cooler minus the bottles. The water may be dispensed hot, cold or room temperature. Some additional unique features are:

Digital Display Microcomputer ,Sleek Design ,Electronics Sensors, Quiet Operations, and Proprietary Air Filter with a Water Recirculation System.

As boaters for over 38 years, we understood the need for plentiful great tasting water in the Marine Market Place. We feel that the AquaMaker water purification systems can be used on water or land. Any place that has 30% humidity or better. They are great for hurricane season ( no bottled water ) or to replace the yechy tasting water on your boat without the need to lug bottles around. Simply turn it on and create great tasting water from the air we breathe. The larger units are custom made and installed for your boats specifications.

Additional information about the AquaMaker units can be found at or call 305-233-2689.