Inductis wins Leading Data Mining Competition in Europe


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2006 --Inductis, a Management Consulting and Analytical Services firm has bagged the first place in the 17th European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML) and the 10th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD).

This year's competition was about building a personalized spam email filtering algorithm. As web mail users across the world fight spam through reading messages and then discarding spam from their mailboxes whereas others spend additional time to label their received spam messages for training local spam filters running on their desktop machines. It becomes extremely important to combat the wastage of time, resource and server space, both for the users as well as email service providers.

The Inductis Team led by Mr. Lalit Wangikar, Vice President – India and Mr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Director – Analytics Services comprised of Kushagra Gupta, Vikrant Chaudhary, Nikhil Marwah, Chirag Taneja, Mansi Khanna, Ankush Talwar and Ashish Garg built the award winning solution that captured 95% of the spam email accurately.

The data mining challenge problem was to identify spam mails in different user inboxes on the basis of previously tagged emails from a public database. For this purpose, Inductis had to construct a spam filter for each single user that correctly classifies any incoming email as “Spam or Non-Spam”.

"We built content based feature probabilistic models instead of multivariate techniques. This helped us in factoring in distributional changes in multiple user mail inboxes," said Kushagra Gupta, Modeler for Inductis and a participant in the competition.
The conference sponsored by Google, Humboldt University - a leading research institution and the Journal of Machine Learning - an international research publication in the area of data mining is scheduled to take place from September 18-22, 2006.

“This is our second major achievement in a span of two months, after an award in the competition at PAKDD, Singapore. This is great validation of our ability to deliver world class analytical solutions across multiple domains”, says Mr. Lalit Wangikar, Vice President, India

Inductis bagged the first rank in one of the two problems posed during the competition. The award will be presented to the Inductis team at the conference to be held in Berlin in September.

Inductis is a global professional services firm that helps large companies leverage the information age to make better decisions through deep analytics. Inductis has a strong track record of helping leading companies strengthen their businesses with its unique mix of world-class mission critical business consulting and state-of-the-science analytical capabilities and infrastructure. We specialize in identifying high-impact problems and opportunities where we can generate results quickly, creating immediate and lasting value. We focus on value creation through our two practice areas: Management Consulting and Analytics Services.

Inductis has offices in New Jersey, New York, New Delhi and Singapore.

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