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Narrative of a Great American

Live the Legacy of Frederick Douglass


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2006 --Legacy Audio Books releases another outstanding production of an American legend, Frederick Douglass born in February 1817 or 1818 through February 1895, in “Narrative of an American Slave”.

Legacy Audio Books recorded this narrative by Frederick Douglass because of the unvarnished truth about his life as a slave. This book reveals his inner most thoughts, which were hidden from the public, though as an agent of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society delivered speeches to hundreds.

Frederick Douglass was raised in extremely oppressive circumstances under the lash of a brutal overseer. In spite of this dismal and inhumane environment, Frederick secretly learned to read and write, despite the laws against slave literacy. He studied discarded newspapers, and became knowledgeable about the national debate over slavery.

Live the legacy of a great man, as you listen to Frederick Douglass rise to prominence in the emerging antislavery movement. His remarks at an August 1841 convention of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society on Nantucket Island brought him to the attention of Garrison and other leading white abolitionists. Society officials, impressed by Douglass's eloquence and imposing presence, hired him as a lecturing agent. Over the next two years, he made hundreds of speeches for the society. As he matured as an antislavery lecturer, his keen mind even led some to question whether he had ever been a slave. To counter doubts about his life experience, Douglass wrote an autobiography providing full details of his life.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave, is an emotional journey into the atrocious system of slavery, and the inspirational triumph against insurmountable odds. Legacy Audio is proud to present this audiobook production of “Frederick Douglass: Narrative of an American Slave”.

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