Invites Bloggers to Write From Historical Figures’ Standpoints

Bloggers to bring prominent historical figures’ knowledge back to life.


Provo, Utah -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2006 is inviting bloggers to bring back the thoughts, words and knowledge of historical figures and blog about what these individuals would say today about current events or topics in the news if they were still living.

“I think this is such a novel idea. We’re taking historical figures and bringing their knowledge and wisdom back to life. Their words can really have a strong influence on our society,” said Blake Snow, Network Director,

Blogs will be developed for many of the top figures in history throughout the world, including founding fathers, government and business leaders, as well as educators, scientists, inventors, and religious leaders.

“I have believed for a long time that unless we learn lessons from history we will find ourselves repeating mistakes of the past and end up in difficulties from which it may be impossible to escape,” said Paul Allen, CEO, Provo Labs. “ is about world history, and the great ideas from thinkers and leaders all over the world are needed to help us achieve balance, tolerance, and a sustainable future for our civilization.”

Bloggers will receive access to a variety of resources and tools, including electronic libraries and search engines to assist them in finding quotes and back articles for their blogs, which will be hosted on Bloggers will be rewarded with the sharing of advertising revenue generated on their respective blogs.

Individuals interested in becoming a historical editor for the blog should sign up at or use the contact information below.

“Basically if you love to write and you are a passionate and knowledgeable about a historical figure, you are a prime candidate,” Snow said.

Formed in 1999, provides more than a million pages of rich historical and biographical content, making it one of the leading history sites on the Web. is continually adding new content and is currently building a history search that will enable users to view geocoded documents.

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