Magnetic Automation Corporation

Magnetic Automation Corp Announces The Release Of Their New Automatic Immigration Barriers Featuring MHTM Technology For High Security And Border Crossing Applications.


Rockledge, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2006 --Magnetic Automation Corporation, also known as Magnetic Autocontrol worldwide, announces the release of its new automatic immigration barriers with MHTM technology. With over ten years of experience in automatic immigration barrier technology, Magnetic continues to lead the way once again in high security entrance control for airports, sea ports, international borders, high profile manufacturing plants and government facilities.

Registered Traveler is a subscription based service where users, often frequent flyers, pay a yearly fee ($80-$120) in exchange for convenience and shorter processing times. To subscribe to the service, users are required to provide various biometric data (i.e. fingerprint, iris) and other applicable personal information. To use a designated Registered Traveler lane, users insert a supplied card and verify their identity typically through specialized readers for fingerprint, iris and/or face recognition.

Seeing as how the primary goal of the RT program is not only to improve US airport security, but to increase the flow of passengers through security and minimize frustrations, the Magnetic group announces the release of its latest automatic immigration barriers featuring new MHTM and passenger detection technology. Having pioneered automatic immigration lanes in Singapore back in 1996, Magnetic has continued to lead the way for over ten years. Other installation sites include Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma, Abu Dhabi, China, Nigeria, Jordan and others.

Each year, millions of passengers pass through the automatic lanes for security processing. Processing speeds per passenger, including biometric verification, range from 5-12 seconds each. Excess and/or overworked personnel and their associated expenses are no longer required as one person can monitor several lanes at a time. Security is also enhanced because the attention span of trained personnel is significantly more focused.

Automatic lanes with identification confirmation for entrance control can be used for a wide number of applications. Applications include airports, sea ports, government facilities, high profile manufacturing sites, border crossings, rail stations, power plants, distribution centers and other secured entry/exit points. Available options include visual signals, alarms, LCD monitors, card readers, iris readers, fingerprint readers, face recognition systems, custom detection systems and many others. For more information on these products and how they can be configured to meet your individual specification, please feel free to e-mail us at or call (321) 635-8585.