Harness Your System and Rein It in Style

True Launch Bar is an ultimate experience of a manageable file system. It gets the best of MS Windows OS and streamlines it for greater comfort of use. Its unique system of switching toolbars and expandable menus gives instant access to files, applications, and settings from the taskbar. In addition, overlay images and skins give system polish and slick looks.


Penza, Russian Federation -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2006 --Tordex announces today the release of the forth major version of True Launch Bar, a shortcut manager and system enhancement tool. The program is known as much for its close integration with Windows OS as for skins and extensions that change the looks of the taskbar. The new version improves the hallmark system of switching toolbars and expands the range of customizable program features. Users are now able to change not only the appearance of menus and items, but also the default commands ascribed to buttons. The latest update also offers support to Windows Vista. On the whole, the update makes True Launch Bar more universally customizable and visually diverse.

True Launch Bar draws on the strengths of MS Windows, making a better use of its controls and technologies. It strikes the delicate balance between comfort and integrity of the system. It allows switching toolbars automatically with the change of an active application. For example, if you use extra resources while working with MS Office applications, you can create a special toolbar with shortcuts to all the resources. The shortcuts will appear in the taskbar every time MS Word or Excel is launched. You can also group shortcuts into menus that expand and collapse at a click or float on top of other windows. The use of Drag-n-Drop helps quickly fill the menus with shortcuts for files and applications, system settings and controls. True Launch Bar helps you harness the system and stay in control.

Here are testimonials of users appreciating the comfort of True Launch Bar:

“To grasp the real value of True Launch Bar, try working with it for some time. Then any system without it turns into a raging nightmare.” Nick Harley, Canada.

“I want to tell you guys, your app is a killer!! I love it. Something that my company (MS) forgot to include in XP :) Worth every penny!!! Keep up the good work!”

“…you can modify the icons-menu to appear only text-based and re-arrange the structure of the menus to seems like gnome one. Good work!” Hack Lover, Italy

Not only does True Launch Bar give comfort of use, but also adds polish to your system. With its help you can dress the taskbar with overlay images and skins. You can customise its colour scheme; add gradients and transparency effects. You can tap into a fathomless source of designs and styles. Its plug-ins will equip your taskbar with a news reader and the weather forecast. You will be able to monitor resources and network activities, access the address book and control media players. It is one nifty tool that works wonders with your desktop, putting things in order, and adding polish to the system looks.

True Launch Bar v4.0 Features at a Glance
* Compatibility with Quick Launch;
* Ability to group shortcuts into menus under separators and titles;
* Ability to switch toolbars with the change of active application (Auto Sensing);
* Support for Drag-n-Drop;
* Support of Windows XP Visual Styles;
* Menu for recently accessed files (last run or run count);
* Ability to display thumbnails and file properties on a menu;
* Customisable hot keys;
* Customisable design (buttons, menus, toolbars);
* Customisable default commands for buttons and mouse behaviour;
* Password protection for shortcuts and settings;
* Additional plug-ins and skins available online.

Pricing and Availability
True Launch Bar v4.0 runs under Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista platforms. A single user license costs 19.90 USD. The company also offers a home license for 4 installations priced at 49 USD, and a business license for 40 installations priced at 139 USD. All registered users are entitled to free technical support and program updates. Besides, on the company web site you will find additional plug-ins and skinning libraries. For the duration of the launch campaign True Launch Bar v4.0 will be available at a discount of 30 per cent. A fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for download at http://download.truelaunchbar.com/install/tlb4.exe

About Tordex
Founded in 2000, Tordex is an independent developer and publisher of system enhancement software for the Windows platforms. The company provides corporate and home users with cutting-edge technologies and brings computer operating efficiencies to the maximum. The Tordex family of products features such popular solutions as True Launch Bar, StartKiller, CloseWin, OpenRun, PresStart, etc. More information is available at: http://www.tordex.com