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TransMedia Will Promote First Innovation In Headstones To Bring Art and Beauty to Cemeteries--Stained Glass Memorials

Besides Flowers, Survivors Now Bring Glass Cleaner To Grave Sites


New Windsor, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2006 --TransMedia Group, Palm Beach County's largest and fastest growing independent public relations firm, announced today it has been retained by Stained Glass Memorials, LLC to publicize the first innovation in cemeteries in centuries—Stained Glass Memorials in headstones.

The product is a professionally sealed unit which contains a custom-designed stain glass creation, depicting a religious, patriotic or personal theme set in a headstone.

The Stained Glass Memorial unit was invented by a 38-year-old widow whose husband, John Mazzone, a union glazier, died two years ago from duodenal cancer. As a tribute to her late husband, Adrienne Mazzone and her children, Jake and Sirena, created a stained glass cross, had it encased and professionally sealed, then placed in John’s headstone. Adrienne says that she and her children are the only ones who visit the cemetery with flowers and glass cleaner.

The innovative touch began attracting so much attention in the small cemetery in Cornwall, NY, that Adrienne applied for a patent for her invention called Stained Glass Memorials. Today it is being offered for sale nationwide by funeral directors and headstone suppliers.

“When John died, we wanted to do something special at his place of rest, so I instructed Giacomo’s Memorials that John’s headstone had to be different and made in the USA because he was very proud to be an American and it had to have stained glass embedded in it, as that was John’s career, working in glass.”

Today her company offers various designs, pre-encased units of art and works closely with customers on custom designs. A solar powered lighting unit will soon be offered as well.

”The stained glass created such a poignant affect on us that we decided that it should be shared with others who’ve lost loved ones,” she said. For more information, visit; .

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