Bella's Cookies

Bella's Cookies Creates All Natural & Organic Cookie with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - "Rumazin"

Bella’s Cookies, Delaware’s 1st all natural and organic cookie company releases their 4th all natural and organic creation… a rum raisin cookie called “Rumazin” featuring the Brown Honey Rum of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Rehoboth Beach.


Milton, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2006 --Bella's Cookies has teamed with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery on their newest creation; a rum raisin cookie called "Rumazin." Bella's, Delaware's 1st all natural and organic cookie company, approached Dogfish Head in early January about the idea and the cookie will make its debut July 7th as the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie "Dead Man's Chest" hits theaters.

"It's one of those classic flavors you just don't find anymore," said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing for Bella's Cookies) "Kelly’s made a rum raisin cookie for a long time, and everyone always comments on how you can't find that flavor anywhere." Bella's approached Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery about the idea, specifically utilizing the rum Dogfish Head distills at their downtown Rehoboth Beach location. Of the two varieties available, the Brown Honey Rum was found to be the best fit for the cookie. "It's the smoothest rum I've ever tasted," said Leishear "and because the rum is made using only all natural ingredients, it fit our ingredient specifications perfectly." The Brown Honey Rum is a twice distilled handcrafted rum settled on American oak with wildflower honey. Recently, Wine Enthusiast magazine rated the rum as an 89 (Very Good) saying "the first whiffs find smells of honey, the palate entry is honey sweet; in mid-palate stage tastes of resin balance the honey sweetness." Said Mike Gerhart (Distillery Manager of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery) "Sam's always looking to take our flavors to the next level; we've never done a cookie before, but the opportunity presented itself and it worked out great."

One of Bella’s trademarks is a creative story written to go alongside the tag of their cookies. "It gives each cookie an identity," said Leishear. The Rumazin story is about a pirate with a big sweet tooth; he issues a challenge to everyone to win him over and take is treasure. The tag itself pictures Sam Calagione and Bella Leishear together dressed in pirate and peasant attire. "Sam was great to work with," said Leishear "we bought the Capt. Jack Sparrow costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and he made a great pirate; we took Bella over to Milton a few times to get her used to him without the costume, so when the day of the photo shoot came she was completely comfortable."

The rum inside Bella's "Rumazin" cookie completely cooks out during the baking process, leaving only the flavor of the rum behind. "A lot of people either forget or don't know the alcohol cooks out when we tell them of the creation," said Leishear "but it's something everyone needs to know... the alcohol does cook off during baking." Dogfish Head has plans for the cookie in it's downtown restaurant "they'll be sold by the double pack at our front kiosk" said Gerhart "and our chef has plans with a dessert featuring our homemade Raison D'Etre ice cream."

"Rumazin" the newest signature cookie from Bella's Cookies; it’s a rum-raisin cookie featuring Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's Brown Honey Rum. "Rumazin" has a subtle rum aftertaste on the first bite, but the flavor becomes more prominent and more addicting with each bite. "I love everything about this cookie... the taste, the story and the tag" said Leishear. "Rumazin" will arrive firtst to Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats in downtown Rehoboth on July 7th, the opening night of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel "Dead Man's Chest." “Rumazin” will then be available at other retailers throughout the area. Bella's is also planning another cookie with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, but is close-lipped on what that creation will be.

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's 1st all natural and organic cookie company, specializing in the aforementioned as well as vegan cookies and holiday cookies. Cookies can be purchased by calling 302-684-8152, via web at, and through various retail locations. Further information on Dogfish Head’s Brown Honey Rum or Dogfish Head Craft Brewery can be found either at or at their downtown restaurant and brewpub (where the rum may also be purchased).