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Rinkya Honors the Great American President Millard Fillmore and Celebrates The Black Ships Festival in Japan and the USA.


Tempe, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2006 --Who was Millard Fillmore? “The greatest American President,” according to Rinkya President Heather Russell. “ Millard Fillmore should be honored with a National Holiday. “He was a great visionary who opened the doors for trade with isolationist Japan during the Edo Period.“

On July 8, 1853, Commodore Matthew C. Perry, Fillmore’s emissary, sailed in to Tokyo Bay with a fleet of four American Naval ships that the Japanese called the “Black Ships” (kurofune).

Perry presented the Japanese government with a trade treaty from President Millard Fillmore. Almost a year later, The Treaty of Kanagawa was signed on March 31, 1854. To commemorate the historic event, Black Ship Festivals are held in both Rhode Island, Commodore Perry’s birthplace, and in Shimoda, Japan.

Over 150 years later, Rinkya, an American pioneer of Japan Shopping Services, is helping to carry on the trade tradition established by Commodore Perry and President Fillmore by opening the doors of the Internet world with Japan.

Rinkya will be celebrating the arrival of the Black Ships by focusing on Nautical Antiques and Memorabilia from the Japanese Edo Period (1603 – 1867). Searches of on-line Japanese auctions, stores and websites have been expanded to include antique ukiyoe paintings, wood-block prints, and hand-colored maps with maritime subjects including Commodore Perry. Model boats and hand-carved ships are available for both the antique and vintage toy collectors. Rare, Museum quality Naval uniforms, Samurai Armor and accessories can also be located. Additional product searches are always available upon request.

In order to create an atmosphere of trust for International buyers, Rinkya has established a “Bid With Confidence” tutorial for collectors unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Japanese on-line shopping. According to Russell, “our company goal is to continue the trading partnership initiated by President Millard Fillmore and Commodore Matthew C. Perry in order to bring the beauty of Japanese culture to the entire world community.”

Rinkya Inc. corporate headquarters are based in Tempe, Arizona with branch offices in Southern Arizona and California. In Japan, Rinkya has offices located in Tokyo along with two large warehouses for customers’ inventory. The Japan branch has won several business awards from the Japanese Postal System and has been featured in several Japanese business magazines.

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