Playdate Kids Publishing

Prominent Music Video Producer Launches New Children’s Publishing Company

New children's publishing company in Malibu, Playdate Kids Publishing, launches its first book series in fall 2006.


Malibu, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2006 --Tena Fanning, co-owner of FM Rocks Music Video Company launched a new children’s publishing company called Playdate Kids Publishing in her local area of Malibu, California.

Playdate Kids Publishing will be releasing the first book of its original book series, Playdate Kids in September 2006.

The book, written according to American Psychological Association standards, was authored by licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist, Dr. Annie Thiel and illustrated by Bill Edwards, encourages young children between the ages of preschool to first grade, to develop strong and confident social skills. As adults constantly search for ways to teach children meaningful life lessons, The Playdate Kids books feature engaging characters who explain stories about moving, paying attention and new siblings.

The Playdate Kids’ characters are best friends that go to the same school. They teach young kids how to articulate their problems and feelings, and by doing this they find positive solutions. Each character was created to be different from the other. There are different races, genders, classes and characteristics in each Playdate Kid. Playdate Kids Publishing wants to be able to reach out to children everywhere and help them grasp a better understanding of themselves and the situations they all face at one point or another.

"I wanted Playdate Kids Publishing to be fun, bold and different," says President of Playdate Kids Publishing, Tena Fanning. "Although the books are illustrated by a prominent illustrator and written by a respected therapist, they take on an exciting angle I have never seen before. The Playdate Kids could end up being every child’s best friend."

For additional information, please contact Tena Fanning at (310) 456-6400 or Please also visit the website at: