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BurnLounge Digital Music Franchise Takes Off in San Diego, California


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2006 --ERIK BJONTEGARD announces the launch of his latest surefire money-maker: An Internet re-incarnation of the corner music store where die-hard music lovers and savvy entrepreneurs operate their own retail music outlets, passing on the best music and raking in the profits.

Says Bjontegard, "Thanks to my amazing new BURNLOUNGE digital music franchise, I can get the tunes I want and make serious money at the same time. Even better, I’m in a position to share this opportunity with anyone who is looking to take those first hesitant steps to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams."

Bjontegard’s BURNLOUNGE digital music franchise,, marks the third successful venture this bright young entrepreneur has launched in his colorful career. Industry experts credit an uncanny sense of market readiness for the multi-national success of his signature jewellery business, SUZIB, which enjoyed enormous popularity and record sales across Europe, England and the U.S., thanks to the innovative designs, superb craftsmanship and audience appeal of the SUZIB TV and Home Shopping marketing strategy.

Rebounding from the devastation of 9-11, Bjontegard took an up close and personal look at America’s passionate devotion to hearth and home. SAN DIEGO’s charming community of ALPINE - Bjontegard’s newly adopted home - seemed to be the living embodiment of all that America’s modern cities and quaint villages have done to forge the indomitable American character. Bjontegard opened City Village Realty to provide a timely service to a rapidly growing client base eager to return to its roots. In just two short years, City Village was chosen by world-reknowned realty franchise giant, REALTY WORLD, to host its new Platinum Real Estate office in Alpine.

With, Bjontegard predicts another winner. Citing industry statistics that indicate a growing appetite for digital music downloads, Bjontegard says, "There were 19.2 million music downloads in the year 2000. In the first quarter of 2006 alone there were 800 million. That’s a 400% increase in just six years. We’re not talking about ‘growing appetites’ any more. What we’ve got on our hands is a feeding frenzy!"

"Let me ask you something," Bjontegard continues. "If I told you that you had a chance to get in on a business opportunity that is supported by major record labels like Sony - with virtually no money down - how long would it take you to log onto and join my team?"

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