RentAGhostWriter.Com Launches an Innovative Free Service to Connect Freelance Writers with Clients


Pensacola, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2006 --RentAGhostWriter.Com announces the launch of an innovative free service designed to connect freelance writers with clients seeking to hire ghost writers for online freelance writing jobs.

While there are a number of sites on the Internet for people who want to hire freelancers for services such as web design and programming, few sites address the growing demand for ghost writers. Furthermore, few sites offer this service for free.

And just what is a ghost writer and what does a ghost writer do?

For the answers to these questions, founder of Rent A Ghost Writer (, Sandra Clair, says, “Very often, a ghost writer is hired to write a variety of written works, including keyword rich articles for websites, press releases, resumes, essays, books, memoirs, lyrics, speeches, and an infinite number of other types of written work.”

“In many cases, a ghost writer’s name will not appear on his work. And for the most part he will remain anonymous, hence the word ‘ghost’.

Finally, there’s a website which addresses the explosive demand for ghost writer services.

A demand, Clair says, which has been largely fueled in recent times by webmasters seeking keyword rich articles for their websites.

“Whether a webmaster is looking for a freelancer to write website content, rewrite private label rights articles, or write e-books for his website, he’ll be able to post a project in the Marketplace of Rent A Ghost Writer ( free of charge”.

“Currently, we have over 200 freelancer writers of various genres registered with us – and more are signing up with us daily. The great thing is, when clients register their project with us, they will be able to choose from this growing pool of over 200 freelance writers who will bid on their project. When the bidding ends, they will be able to select the most suitable writer for their project. Moreover, they’ll be able to do all of this free of charge.”

Clair says that Rent A Ghost Writer’s Marketplace is also an ideal place for housewives who want to work from home, writers looking for online freelance writing jobs or individuals looking to supplement their income with freelance writing work.

“Freelancers can register for free in the Marketplace for freelance writing jobs that suit their skills and experience. Then, when a writing project becomes available that fits their profile, we will immediately notify them.”

Another advantage that sets Rent A Ghost Writer apart from other freelancing sites on the Internet is that RentAGhostWriter.Com is a free resource. “Well, you know, Markus Frind and Alex Trew made their own internet experiments and so have others,” Clair says. “Now it’s our turn, except ours is of a slightly different nature. What we propose is to offer first-class, top-notch freelancing services with a difference. The difference is that all of our regular services in the Marketplace ( are completely free. Where most, if not all, freelancing sites charge a variety of fees to use their service, such as registration fees, project fees and commission fees, all of these fees are completely eliminated for the user at RentAGhostWriter.Com.”

RentAGhostWriter.Com offers a win-win opportunity for clients seeking ghost writer services and freelancers looking for freelance writing jobs.

Clair admits that ghost writing services is not a new concept. “It’s actually a concept that has been around for quite some time. All kinds of people hire ghost writers, from presidents of countries to celebrities to the average individual in the street,” Clair says.

“However, what is new is that this is the first time that I know of a website offering these services for free,” says Clair.

This makes RentAGhostWriter.Com an innovative idea whose time has finally come.

For further information about ghost writer services, interested parties may visit the main site at:, or visit the Marketplace at: