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Universal Guardian Signs Cobra StunLight(TM) Distributor in France


Newport Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2006 --Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: UGHO), an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products, integrated transportation and global supply chain security systems and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and security threats to governments and businesses worldwide, today announces that Universal Guardian's Products Group has entered into a Distribution Agreement with Paris-based DSOA, Sarl to distribute its Cobra StunLight(TM) to law enforcement agencies and military organizations in France.

"France has experienced growing civil unrest over the past year with more than 300 cities erupting in violent demonstrations," stated Michael Skellern, Universal Guardian's CEO. "French police are currently seeking non-lethal use-of-force options such as the Cobra StunLight(TM) as a safe and effective humanitarian alternative to potentially lethal products customarily used to subdue suspects and prevent escalation into dangerous riots," continued Mr. Skellern.

"France has initiated a series of measures and is adopting products designed to subdue vandals and perpetrators of civil unrest before these situations spin out of control," stated DSOA President Mrs. Ghislaine Duveau from her office in Paris. "We are confident that France's National Police and our military Gendarmerie will embrace the Cobra StunLight as their offensive and defense non-lethal weapon of choice," added Mrs. Duveau.

About DSOA

D.S.O.A. is a Paris, France based company that has been at the forefront of Security and Safety technologies, providing innovative solutions to meet the requirements of law enforcement, military and public safety sectors in France since 1996. D.S.O.A. provides I.E.D and E.O.D. solutions including radiography and portable radioscopy equipment, N.E.D.E.X. (Neutralization Removal and Destruction of the Explosives) intervention, explosives and drug detection equipment, parcel and mail scanning equipment, night vision products, and Emergency lighting equipment.

About Universal Guardian Holdings

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (UGHO) and its subsidiaries provide a comprehensive range of security products, systems, and services designed to mitigate terrorist and security threats worldwide. Universal Guardian's global risks mitigation group includes strategic and tactical security services, integrated and interoperable asset identification, monitoring and management systems for government and industry. Universal's non-lethal products include escalating, non-lethal, everyday use-of-force tools for law enforcement, military, professional security and consumer markets. Universal Guardian companies features a wide variety of applications that provide cost-effective, end-to-end solutions and critical security services for government and multi-national businesses from operations on every continent.

About Universal Guardian Products

Universal Guardian's Product Group, develops and produces safe and effective non-lethal products and systems that provide law enforcement, military, professional security and consumers with immediate offensive and defensive escalating use-of-force options for several threat environments. The Company's patented Cobra StunLight(TM) "Stops Suspects in their Tracks" and its Riot Defender(TM) launches patented non-lethal RiotBall(TM) projectiles to assist law enforcement and military personnel in the control civil disturbances and dangerous riots.

About Universal Guardian Systems

Universal Guardian's Systems Group, ISR Systems Corporation, provides Asset Identification, Monitoring and Management platforms for a multitude of government and industry applications worldwide. UG Systems' integrated T/3 Platform(TM) and RFID Ready(TM) system provides secure end-to-end asset monitoring and management with real-time visibility and security for customers, shippers and government regulatory agencies.

About Universal Guardian Services Group

Universal Guardian's Services Group, Secure Risks-SSSI provides practical risk management solutions, insured security services and tactical security services to protect critical infrastructure and valuable assets for governments, non-governmental agencies and multi-national businesses in today's most challenging environments from regional hubs located in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Asia Pacific.

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