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Ukrainian Think-Tank Reveals a Comprehensive Study of Corporate Conflicts on the Edge of Old and New Europe


Kyiv, Ukraine -- 07/13/2006 --The Corporate Relations Research Center, a Kyiv-based Think-Tank, made public the outcomes of its most recent research on corporate conflicts occurring due to new European countries’ integrating into Western Europe.

The “Risks and Prospects of Ukraine’s European Integration” research is grounded on the over 15 series of expert interviews with the representatives of Ukrainian and Eastern European investment banks, legal firms, economic research institutions, journalists and independent analysts, as well as on the own analysis by CCSR European Integration Department.

According to Oleksandr Kamenets, President of the Corporate Relations Research Center, “This study consolidates information on key issues and pitfalls, slowing down many Eastern European companies while striving to enter EU markets. With a core emphasis on Ukrainian companies’ risks and experience, we provide a valuable source of information and analysis of corporate risks in one of the most attractive investment destinations”.

Rostislav Ishchenko, Vice-president of the Center, firmly believes that “The study will help many businesses operating in, or considering starting activity in Eastern Europe, to develop their risk mitigation strategies towards cross-border cooperation. Also, some cases within this study are likely to draw the attention of the European governmental bodies and NGOs aiming at promoting fair competition and facilitating European integration of the new independent states, as well as those focusing on fighting the corruption and monopolies”.

The present issue of the study mainly focuses on such risk factors for New Europe’s companies as:

- Antidumping applications to fight competitors;
- Applying unfair competition;
- Lobbying unfair legislation in international competition;
- Limiting market access;

The key industries analyzed involve: air transportation, metallurgy, and pipe production, as well as some features of other heavy industries.

The issue of “Risks and Prospects of Ukraine’s European Integration” research is available for free download at
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