4PSA Spam Guardian 3 for Plesk Is Available

4PSA Spam Guardian 3, the latest version of the most advanced spam filtering solution for Plesk servers is available.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2006 --4PSA Spam Guardian 3, the latest version of the most advanced spam filtering solution for Plesk servers is available, announced Rack-Soft, the server software provider.

4PSA Spam Guardian 3 improves a mature solution used by thousands of Plesk server administrators. The new version gained extra email filtering speed, is more accurate in spam detection, and features new management options for both the administrator and the hosting service customer.

A score is assigned to the email based on the message probability to be spam. The spam detection engine is now able to tag emails with a spam score higher than a value setup by the customer and to automatically drop emails with a score higher than another predefined value. Due to this new feature, users do not have to worry that the spam filter will drop important messages. The customer can adjust settings independently on domain or mailbox level.

Spam messages are disturbing, even if they are filtered and tagged accordingly. In order to limit their impact on overall productivity, spam messages can be saved in an IMAP folder for a later review or for automatic processing.

The server administrator can define custom spam filtering rules from the web interface. Messages that contain forbidden phrases or words in subject, headers or body can be assigned a custom spam score. This makes it very easy for the 4PSA Spam Guardian engine to filter immediately a particular class of unwanted messages.

The server administrator is also able to adjust global spam engine preferences, like the Bayesian filter learning model, the auto-learn thresholds, the collaborative spam learning network checks, whitelists, blacklists, and the trusted networks.

4PSA Spam Guardian 3 is able to render real-time graphics based on the spam engine statistics. "It is very important for our customers to know exactly what happens on their servers. Spam can get out of control, that’s why users highly appreciated the spam engine statistics that we introduced in 4PSA Spam Guardian almost two years ago. The new version is able to give even more information and users can choose to receive daily updates about the engine’s efficiency. For hosting customers it is vital to feel exactly what is their provider doing in order to protect their mailbox.", said John Kehler, Hosting Product Manager, 4PSA.

4PSA Spam Guardian is available for Plesk 8, Plesk 7.5 Reloaded, and Plesk 7 Reloaded on all supported UNIX and Linux operating systems. The new version has prices starting from USD 69.

More details about 4PSA Spam Guardian, including a datasheet and an online demo can be found at http://www.4psa.com/products/4psasguardian.php.

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