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Warden at Florence FPC Retaliates Against Church Group for Filing Complaint, Says a Just Cause

A Day After Filing Complaint About Visiting Room Discrimination With BOP Director & Congress, Visiting Privileges Suspended By Warden Stancil, Says Advocacy Group A Just Cause


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2016 --On July 21, 2016, A Just Cause issued a press release concerning the Warden allegedly engaging in a campaign of bullying families and a church group that visits the men known as the IRP6. On July 22, 2016, the men were called into the office of Camp Administrator Segovia where Acting Warden Garrido, Associate Warden Johns and the captain were present. Reliable sources claim that, "They were told their visiting privileges were suspended until further notice. Later that evening, the men were called to the Counselor's office and given official written a notice from Warden Stancil stating: "effective immediately, and pursuant to the authority in Bureau of Prisons Program Statement 5267.09, your social visiting privileges have been temporarily suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into possible threats to the good order or security of the institution," says A Just Cause.

Program Statement 5267.09 states: "The Warden has the authority to restrict or suspend an inmate's regular visiting privileges temporarily when there is REASONABLE SUSPICION that the inmate has acted in a way that would indicate a threat to the good order or the security of the institution." PS 5267.09 goes on to say that "reasonable suspicion exists when reliable information and/or facts are presented to the Warden that the inmate is engaged, or is attempting to engage in criminal or other prohibited behavior" and that "reasonable suspicion must be directed to the inmate(s)/visitor(s) in question."

"This appears to be obvious retaliation and vindictiveness by Warden Stancil and the other staff because we not only filed a complaint with BOP Director Kane and pursued action with Congress, but publicly exposed their misconduct," claims Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. "Moreover, one of the men filed a formal grievance with the prison. We will not be deterred and will continue to aggressively pursue action against Warden Stancil and the rest of his staff involved in this alleged conspiracy against the church group and these men," adds Banks. "The IRP6 have been model inmates, and their family and church members have visited the prison every week for 4 years straight without incident," says Banks. Warden Stancil's sudden termination of visiting privileges under the guise that the church group is engaged in criminal or other illicit behavior is absurd and we are certain BOP Director Thomas Kane and Congress will see this for what it is, unlawful retaliation," adds Banks.

According to BOP Standards of Employee Conduct, retaliation or discrimination against those who report a misconduct is prohibited and carries a maximum penalty as severe as having employment terminated. The 2014 10th Circuit case of Pinson v. Berkebile says "retaliation for filing lawsuits and administrative grievances violates both the inmate's right of access to the courts and the inmate's First Amendment rights."

"Stancil, Garrido, Segovia, Johns, Captain Giconi and correctional officer Betts are clearly abusing their power and authority and we are requesting that Director Kane immediately take corrective action to reign in their abusive behavior and reinstate visiting privileges for the IRP6 and the church group," adds Banks.

"A Just Cause will be asking BOP Director Kane, the Inspector General and members of Congress to inquire of Warden Stancil and his senior staff concerning what "reliable information and/or facts of criminal or prohibited behavior" they have against the church group or the IRP6 to justify suspension of visiting privileges under Program Statement 5267.09," concludes Banks.