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A Forum to Fight Organic Spam Results in Major Search Engines Has Been Launched


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2006 --In context of the current search engines marketing scenario where the revenues of various firms and companies are primarily dependent on search engines, a slight reshuffle in algorithms and relevancy pushes a site to a much lower ranking. has been launched as a sincere effort towards fighting natural spam – or manipulated results appearing in SERPS - in major search engines, especially in Google. It has been the case for the last one or two years, where SEMs around the world have complained and expressed their concerns on the result pages that are appearing on major keywords. A large group of people feels that Google is perhaps manipulating the results to boost and gain more from their advertising program, which is the prime revenue model for this search engine.

This online forum has been put live in view of the aftermath of post BigDaddy update as the current scenario has affected the business of many e-commerce sites. The prime concern of OrganicSpam is to safeguard the business interests of people involved in the online industry. This site is also focused to bring in notice the latest shift in Google’s stand. Google being a public search engine should be responsible for fair search results. But recently it is marked that it now focuses primarily on paid results and relevancy of results comes second or never. We encourage webmasters, SE experts, and site owners to come out and speak for or against what is happening at the moment and take necessary steps to awaken the sleeping search giants.

Our endeavor is to unite the whole SEM/SEO community together to fight against Organic/Natural Spam results that appear on majority of searches. Time and again voices have been raised but it got lost in the virtual wilderness. Our effort is to relay a strong message to people hiding in the “Search Cabinet” that we are going to fight against the current malpractice that has been employed by major search engines.

We seek the support of people not only from the SEM or SEO community but also from the whole online marketing world that is sincerely and honestly working hard to deliver services to people all over the world.

About is an online endeavor to bring people together to fight against the malicious practice that is being employed by top search engines, especially Google and Yahoo. For more information, visit:

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