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Grand Slam Baseball Digital Photography Tips Offered

More secrets for beginning and intermediate digital camera owners on taking exciting photos of major and minor league baseball games. Digital photography tips include increasing ISO settings, arriving early for batting practice, and zooming in on players' facial expressions.


Knoxville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2006 --Award-winning computer and digital camera help website MalekTips ( http://www.malektips.com/ ) today announced a follow-up to their popular "home run" baseball digital photography article. Nine new "grand slam" digital photography tips, one for each inning, are now available to help budding photographers capture the excitement of base runners diving into second, fly balls hit deep to right field, and collisions with the catcher at home plate.

Some of the free baseball digital photography advice:

* To lessen the chance of blurry photos at baseball games, try increasing your digital camera’s ISO settings, allowing for quicker shutter speeds. Experiment, however, as this can also add noise to your photos.

* In addition to carrying your digital camera, extra memory and batteries, a cleaning kit, and other useful accessories, pack a couple of wet hand wipes and dry napkins. After enjoying a hot dog and cool beverage at a baseball game, clean your hands before handling your camera to avoid damage.

* Arrive early and stay late. Batting practice is a great time for you to practice the timing needed to shoot photos capturing the excitement of a successful swing at a baseball. And instead of just worrying about the traffic leaving from the ballpark, stay to the end of the game as you never know when a great digital photography opportunity may arise.

"While many fans take digital cameras to the ballpark, they may be frustrated after the game when finding out their photographs come out dull, blurry, or out-of-focus," said Andrew Malek, owner of MalekTips. "These photography tips can help increase your digital camera’s speed so it can keep up with the action in games. Plus, there are photography ideas that may not require split-second timing yet still result in treasured memories of your trip to the ballpark."

The MalekTips "Home Run Baseball Photography Tips" article is available at http://www.malektips.com/grandslam/ , and their previous article "Home Run Baseball Photography Tips" with more tips can be found at http://www.malektips.com/baseball/ . In addition, over 400 additional digital photography tips, including advice for other sports, are on the web at http://www.malektips.com/camera/ .

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