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Webmasters Collectively Launch Organic Spam Website

A Comprehensive Collection of Facts related to Search Engine Spam:


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2006 --A group of webmasters have collectively launched a website dedicated to impart extensive information related to spamming encountered in Search engine results.

The website is a comprehensive site, fully loaded with information to keep the web community well informed on the malpractices being performed by the Search Engines for financial benefits per se.

The Search engines serve as a mediator in the online community, arranging and categorizing the information scattered all over the internet. They fetch the desired results on query as per the relevancy for the end-users. Search engines have played an instrumental part in streamlining the online information. But recently, a different approach had been adopted by some bigger players in the industry as marked by the poor quality of results appearing for different search results. This leads to the attention of the online community which primarily believes that these search result providers are deviating from their basic duty – imparting relevant information. There are also some concerns as voiced by webmasters and SE experts that search engines are tweaking the search results for their monetary benefits.

OrganicSpam provides information on the aspect well said as “Spamdexing - Search Engine Spam”; including history, evolution, acceptance of the very devil. In addition, the users can report their spam complaints on the site itself. The basic idea behind the site is to bring all the affected site owners and the concerned online guild under one umbrella to stand and raise the voice against the Search engines autonomy.

The site throws light on the fact that how search engines smartly play with the search results to monetize their benefits. This is an endeavor to make Search Engines more accountable for their approach and quality search results. OrganaicSpam is a viable online platform to raise the voice against search engines for fair and unbiased flow of information. We welcome the site owners, SEOs, SEMs, Editors, webmasters and all concerned internet fraternity to visit and join the common cause on OrganicSpam podium.

About is an online endeavor to bring people together to fight against the search engines monopoly and to make them accountable for fair and clean results. For more information, visit:

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