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Briggs & Riley’s Packing Tips For Smooth Sailing On Your Cruise

Tricks of the Trade To Make Cruising A Breeze


Hauppauge, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2006 --Cruise travel is at an all time high as an exciting way for travelers to escape the winter chills and reach warm exotic destinations. But an adventure at sea requires smart and efficient planning. Today’s strict security checkpoints, crowded flights, and new baggage restrictions, have made us rethink how we pack. This includes choosing which items to take and how to pack them. The travel experts at Briggs & Riley Travelware, a leading brand of high-quality and innovative luggage, want you to be travel savvy and pack like the pros so that your cruise is smooth sailing all the way.

Jim Lahren, Vice President of Marketing for Briggs & Riley says, “We’ve been in the travel business a long time and understand that the current travel climate requires smart travel solutions for a hassle-free travel experience. Through the years, we’ve learned that packing for your cruise vacation is a challenge that can be easily met if you plan ahead and pack smart. “

The following “tricks of the trade” will make your cruise vacation a breeze:

Packing Tips:

1. Plan your wardrobe carefully by making a list of all the activities and events on the cruise and choose items accordingly. Briggs & Riley’s Travel Center Web site provides a travel checklist that you can download:
2. Stick to one color theme and add different accessories for a new look each time. A brightly colored jacket could dress up a black dress, or a pair of casual jeans every day.
3. Pack more tops than bottoms, or if you simply can’t resist, invest in one or more airtight resealable bags to compress your clothes and create more space in your suitcase.
4. If using a garment bag, stack your clothes. To do so, put a complete outfit (jacket, shirt, skirt, slacks, belt, and/or belt) on one hanger.
5. Clothes should be tightly packed without over-stuffing your suitcase. Rolling your clothes is one of the most commonly suggested methods for avoiding wrinkles. The key is to keep your clothes from moving around.
6. Don’t overload your luggage with clothes you don’t need. Some cruises have formal nights that may require a tuxedo. Consider leaving that old tux at home. Many cruise ships provide rentals.
7. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your sundries. Always be prepared and keep a toiletry bag stocked with all your travel necessities (travel body creams, shaving creams, emery boards, vitamins, nail polish, polish remover). Replenish the products when you return from your trip to ensure that you’ll be ready for your next vacation.
8. To lock your luggage use a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved lock. Remember to lock your luggage when in transit between airport and the ship.
9. Most airlines and cruise ships suggest two bags per person and a carry-on. Check with the airline and cruise ship for their regulations regarding the number and size of the bags you can carry.
10. For a fee, some cruise ships provide a service that will pick up your luggage (including golf clubs) at your home and deliver directly to the ship.

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