Brand Name USA

American Clothing Company Aims to Make Americans Proud

Proud to be American? Wear it with Pride.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2006 --BrandName USA wants to make you proud----proud to be American, that is. Las Vegas based BrandName USA is in the business of making sure Americans look and feel good wearing the BrandName USA signature, and at the same time, make American pride hip and fashionable.

"There is an awful lot of negative press these days, most of which brings about too much unnecessary anti-American sentiment", states Maria Fabrig Espanol, co-founder of BrandName USA. "Setting political differences aside, we've got to remember that at the end of the day, we're all Americans."

The concept of the BrandName USA label originated in 1999 as early hand-drawn designs by founder Michael Espanol. "I wanted to create a brand that I would wear myself and I decided on the name, BrandName USA. I feel that all Americans are inherently proud of their country----I feel that there are those who would rather take the more subtle approach and show their pride by expressing it through dress. I'd like to fill that niche." made its debut on the world wide web in 2002 as a general retailer, but today focuses primarily on building the BrandName USA label.

"People would say, "So you sell shirts?"-----I would tell them that we don't just sell shirts---we sell an American brand---and the brand stands for American pride", remarks Michael Espanol.

"Our goal is to provide a distinctly American brand of clothing that is simple and instantly recognizable", says Maria Espanol, "and I think we've achieved that. This is definitely a brand that will continue to gain a popular following."

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