SoftForYou Releases New Version of its Popular Parental Control Program 'Chronager'.

New version works faster and has a completly new user interface.


Chapel Hill,, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2006 --Many children today spend so much time on computers that it is detrimental to their psychological and physical health. Naturally this is a concern for parents, and they are increasingly seeking solutions in the parental control software market. Whilst Internet filtering programs have become very popular for their ability to restrict a child's access to the internet, there is a great need for software that allows parents to be able to control how and when their children can use the computer as a whole.

'Chronager' gives parents complete control over the computer. It gives parents the flexibilty of being able to to set the times when their child can use the computer, and all of its individual functions; such as chat site programs, games, the CD Rom, and the Internet.
'Chronager' enables parents, for instance, to give their child restricted access to the computer for 1 hour in the morning and 3 hours in the evening; 1 of which for surfing the Internet, 1 for playing games, and 2 for doing homework.

Pricing and Availability

'Chronager' includes free tech support and free one year program upgrades. 'Chronager' is available for sale at for US $34.95.
Huge discounts are given for multiple license purchases and repeat customers get lifetimes discounts of up to 70% on later releases.The free 14-day trial version is available via an electronic download from

About SoftForYou
Launched in 2000, the SoftForYou company is focused on giving parents powerful tools to monitor and guard children from the problems and dangers that children experience whilst using the computer. Chronager was specially created to help parents control how their children use the home computer. Further information is available at